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Mel Chua 12-17-2009 12:46 AM

FUDCon survey: how it was/will be publicized
For future reference, here's what I did/am about to do.

* Made a big red "take this survey!" box on and so
people looking for FUDCon Toronto information will find it (this will
have to be updated when the survey closes, btw)

* Added it to the section
so we can keep track of it

* emailed the "take this survey please!" announcement to
fedora-devel-announce, fedora-announce-list, fedora-advisory-board, and
fudcon-planning (being sent immediately after this email)

* blogged it to Planet (coming momentarily)

Time will tell if this was enough. In the meantime, please take the
survey and blog it up and such. :)


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