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Old 02-06-2009, 08:03 PM
Jack Aboutboul
Default Meeting Summary and Log of 5/2/2009

I'm gonna try and do these as well as put them up on the wiki to track.


We aimed to discuss the schedule which is present here:
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Jonrob/MarketingSchedule, as an
auxiliary to this one should also look at pfrields' schedule notes
posted at:
which are linked off the main schedule page.

The goal is to hopefully create something which is derived from this
which can be used as a template schedule to track all the various
responsibilities of the marketing team from the FUDCon preceding a
release up until 1 month post-release. Ideally, this would be located at
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Schedule with appropriate pages
for each release--i.e. F11_Schedule, F12_Schedule etc.

Working from the current schedule, however, we came up with the
following action items:

* Have 3 Feature Owners, or relevant contributors do some form of press
interaction with 3 different community press contacts, this meaning news
sites, podcasts, etc.

Owner: Jack Aboutboul

* From this Steven Moix suggested this:

Same idea as above but for each language

* Any Fedora-relates press should now be added to

* Jack Aboutboul will coordinate with jlaska about QA Guide

* Jonathan Roberts will coordinate with dglezos regarding translation guide

* Work still needs to be done to shore up F11 Talking Points at

Owner: Jack Aboutboul

Hopefully, we will be able to have the template schedule done by next
week so that we can begin dividing up all the tasks and equally
distributing work.

Start irc log

JonRob joined the chat room.
[2:02pm] • spevack is lurking
[2:02pm] moixs: Here he is
[2:02pm] moixs: ping herlo
[2:03pm] • JonRob is here
[2:03pm] JonRob: themayor, found you
[2:03pm] themayor: hey
[2:03pm] themayor: awesome
[2:03pm] ChitleshGoorah: spevack: grimbergen ?? nah find yourself a
non-commerical one : wit pater

[2:03pm] themayor: JonRob: thanks, i assume you got my email
[2:03pm] spevack: ChitleshGoorah: you can get me one tomorrow
[2:03pm] ChitleshGoorah:
[2:03pm] herlo: moixs: hi
[2:03pm] themayor: herlo: yo dude
[2:04pm] herlo: themayor: hello
[2:04pm] themayor: okay awesome crisis averted
[2:04pm] moixs: herlo: we are having the marketing meeting here, if you
have time
[2:04pm] • JonRob apologises if he goes quiet, home made pizza is in the

[2:04pm] herlo: oh, I thought it was already over
[2:04pm] • herlo was confused
[2:04pm] themayor: im gonna send a meeting reminder a day early from now
on so hopefully if i mess it up again, someone will catch me
[2:04pm] themayor: herlo: yeah, my bad, i hit 7 instead of 9 in the
meeting reminder
[2:05pm] herlo: themayor: I use google calendar for the FAMNA meetings,
you might like that to remind you to send it a day early

[2:05pm] herlo: and it'll be consistent
[2:05pm] herlo:
[2:05pm] themayor: herlo: yeah, word
[2:05pm] herlo: moixs: I was about to reply to your email about the
Marketing distribution plan

[2:05pm] themayor: anyway, lets get down to some stuff, sound cool?
[2:05pm] herlo: yeppers
[2:06pm] themayor: alright so lets pull this up
[2:06pm] themayor:
[2:06pm] themayor: which we should probably move at some point, no
offense JonRob

[2:06pm] JonRob: no, i just put it there as a draft space
[2:07pm] JonRob: didn't know where else to put it for time being
[2:07pm] themayor: awesome, yeah, well its very good right now
[2:07pm] chitlesh_ joined the chat room.
[2:07pm] themayor: the truth is, i saw minimum discussion about it on
the list so i wanted people to give feedback

[2:07pm] themayor: also, i would like to assign tasks to people
[2:08pm] themayor: and see if we are missing anything
[2:08pm] themayor: well not assign tasks necessarily, but see what bits
and pieces people want to do

[2:08pm] JonRob: minimum = nonne
[2:08pm] jankratochvil joined the chat room.
[2:08pm] JonRob: themayor: even if not all the tasks get assigned an
owner, think we should at least start on the top three
[2:09pm] themayor: yes, so i can do the lay press contacts and
coordinatiing with contributors for interviews

[2:09pm] spevack: i think the schedule looks good
[2:09pm] JonRob: great
[2:09pm] JonRob: i'd be happy to take either one of the guides
[2:09pm] spevack: and that we should do whatever needs to be done to
treat it as official, have owners, and work off of it
[2:09pm] moixs: It would be great if you could read my proposition right
now, it seems a bit of the same
[2:09pm] themayor: i think one thing also, is that we should work from
this schedule to put together a template schedule which we can reuse for
EVERY release
[2:10pm] JonRob: yeah, some of the stuff can be turned into really
generic items
[2:11pm] • herlo thinks we should do that so it becomes a simple process
and we just give takss to individuals that way
[2:12pm] themayor: yeah, i agree and this way when a new release is
about to be out, say starting alpha time, we all know what needs to be
done and who needs to do it and this we can coordinate everything more
easily, no?
[2:12pm] herlo: and I also think this goes along well with moixs' idea
for FedoraMarketingDistribution and we should possibly have this doc
refer to that one, or combine them in some form...

[2:12pm] themayor: i really like the concept of this for example
[2:12pm] themayor: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Schedule
[2:12pm] themayor: i didnt read the email, it came in a couple mins ago
[2:12pm] themayor: do you guys mind if i go take a look real quick?
[2:12pm] moixs: The page is on

[2:12pm] moixs: And it's awfuly close to the first point on the list
[2:12pm] JonRob: themayor, not a problem i also need to read it
[2:14pm] themayor: yes, it looks like #1 exactly and sounds really well
thought out

[2:14pm] JonRob: agred
[2:14pm] JonRob: agreed
[2:15pm] JonRob: the only thing i'd say is that when contacting lay press
[2:15pm] JonRob: not only do we want to point them to fedora related stories
[2:15pm] JonRob: but specifically to the feature list
[2:15pm] JonRob: so that they can build their own articles/pieces on
what interests them and their specific readers

[2:16pm] themayor: well we want them to write their own fedora stories
[2:17pm] TitaX joined the chat room.
[2:17pm] moixs: Sorry to ask this, but I visibly misunderstood something
as English isn't my native language...what is "lay" press?

[2:18pm] themayor: general press, meaning non-major news outlet
[2:18pm] themayor: like websites, bloggers, podcasts, etc
[2:18pm] moixs: oh, ok
[2:19pm] themayor: for example, yesterday i spoke with spevack about for
f11 having no less than 3 feature owners hook up with some lay press
people for coverage
[2:19pm] themayor: i think thats a good goal we should start with 3 for
each language and build up the contacts listr

[2:19pm] JonRob: sounds like an awesome goal
[2:19pm] moixs: Yep
[2:20pm] moixs: I think we should think about the distribution network
for 2-3 days on the mailinglist

[2:20pm] GeroldKa left the chat room. ("Verlassend")
[2:20pm] moixs: and then start to recruit people on the ambassador list
[2:20pm] moixs: (including ourselves)
[2:21pm] themayor: agreed. moixs would you mind creating a page for each
langauge you proposed off that page so people can list the right person
and press contacts

[2:21pm] moixs: Not a problem
[2:21pm] moixs: I'll keep everyone updated on the mailinglist
[2:21pm] themayor: i also think we need to choose very carefully who we
decide to let represent us too
[2:21pm] themayor: i almost feel like we should have the ambassadors and
others be a middle man to the feature owner in some sense

[2:21pm] themayor: does anyone else feel that way?
[2:22pm] spevack: may i share my thoughts?
[2:22pm] herlo: themayor: why? I think the ambassadors are the point people
[2:22pm] moixs: The major issue i see is that we can't mesure people's

[2:22pm] moixs: go ahead spevack
[2:22pm] themayor: spevack: go ahead
[2:22pm] spevack: well, jack already said some of it. But I think that
there's a few goals that we can work toward at the same time
[2:23pm] spevack: (1) training Fedora Marketing folks and Fedora
Ambassadors to speak publicly about Fedora, and to interact with Fedora
[2:23pm] spevack: by encouraging the Fedora Marketing people to try to
generate some press about a subset of our features
[2:23pm] spevack: we can get them talking with the feature owner, and
also hopefully get the 3 people talking to a blogger or website news writer.

[2:23pm] spevack: ONE THING TO BE VERY CAREFUL OF:
[2:24pm] spevack: the features that we select, and the people that we
target, need to be organized, and tracked.

[2:24pm] spevack: Marketing is about chooising a very specific message
[2:24pm] ChitleshGoorah left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection
timed out))

[2:24pm] spevack: and then amplifying that message
[2:24pm] spevack: we don't want people going off contacting random news
or press folks about random things.
[2:24pm] JonRob: not only that, i acn't think feature owners will be
nearly as responsive as in the past if we bombard them with lots of requests
[2:24pm] spevack: we are talking about an organized effort to bring more
visibility to speficic "features" and "folks" within Fedora

[2:24pm] spevack: JonRob: exactly right.
[2:25pm] spevack: the features we pick, and the people who we are
working with, should be decided during a meeting or on the list
[2:25pm] spevack: we should make a list of the 5 or 6 features we care
about the most, and reach out to the people in charge of those features
in order.
[2:25pm] spevack: If they are interested in working w/ Fedora marketing,
then they get a "partner" in the Marketing tema

[2:25pm] spevack: *team
[2:25pm] moixs: Yep, that's why i didn't want to rush this whole
idea...if we in the marketing group are not able to feed news to the
ambassadors, it's useless
[2:25pm] spevack: once we have 3 features and 3 mktg/dev pairs, we get
to work.

[2:25pm] spevack: I think there's potential
[2:25pm] spevack: from a management perspective
[2:26pm] spevack: it requires clarity in describint what we want to do
[2:26pm] spevack: and good organization
[2:26pm] spevack: EOF
[2:26pm] moixs: spevack: modify the page with your propositions, they
are great

[2:27pm] stickster_food is now known as stickster.
[2:27pm] • stickster has totally *not* been eating this whole time. Here
late after some phone calls.

[2:28pm] themayor: stickster: lol, its all good, welcome
[2:28pm] themayor: yes, spevack would you mind adding your thoughts to
the wiki as well so we can work from there?

[2:29pm] spevack: themayor: which page?
[2:29pm] themayor:

[2:29pm] spevack: themayor: i'll do it
[2:29pm] themayor: not as a definitive place for them, but just because
it seems like we can work from there
[2:29pm] JonRob: and if someone could link to that from the laypress
section of the larger schedule

[2:30pm] themayor: yeah ill link to it since its my task technically
[2:30pm] themayor: i might actually move the schedule later on today,
and ill send an email to the list

[2:30pm] • JonRob *is* eating now
[2:30pm] themayor: sure, enjoy
[2:30pm] themayor: at the same time, lets get back to the schedule
[2:30pm] themayor: does anyone see anything that isnt on there that
should be?
[2:31pm] JonRob: one thing i left off which ahs been very popular with
digg etc

[2:31pm] themayor: either a specific task or a general item?
[2:31pm] JonRob: is our own dev interviews
[2:31pm] JonRob: but i'm not sure how that will fit in with the new lay
press item

[2:31pm] themayor: yes, true, we should have that happen post release
[2:32pm] themayor: JonRob: it doesnt need to be the same people, meaning
some could do lay press and some could do the dev interviews
[2:32pm] stickster: Something else we could improve -- followup on and
around release day.
[2:33pm] stickster: Monitoring the larger community news sites and
providing follow-up as needed

[2:33pm] themayor: agreed, definitely agreed
[2:33pm] stickster: I seem to recall several people bringing up that
need and the desire to do better for the next release

[2:33pm] sdziallas joined the chat room.
[2:34pm] herlo: stickster: that stuff that rahul does, is that getting
recorded anywhere but the mailing lists?

[2:34pm] stickster: herlo: You mean, press roundups?
[2:35pm] herlo: uh, if that's what they're called yes
[2:35pm] moixs: I asked him to add it to
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/PressArchive from now

[2:35pm] stickster: (I think I just made that up. Sorry!)
[2:35pm] herlo: stickster: it's a nice name
[2:35pm] stickster: moixs: Thanks, I was just looking for that link!
[2:35pm] moixs: I'm the only maintainer of this page atm
[2:36pm] spevack: stickster: up above, i discussed the 3-features-focus
idea from yesterday
[2:36pm] herlo: moixs: I don't think any of the ones rahul has posted
for the past X releases are on there, maybe we should go back and get
some in place? Or are we just looking forward and getting thm on there
in the future ??
[2:36pm] themayor: yes, we should definitely take alot of care into
making sure, all of us, not just moixs, to make sure that page is well
up to date

[2:36pm] kital left the chat room. (Success)
[2:36pm] moixs: herlo: none of Rahuls' items are on there, but he will
add them from now on
[2:36pm] JonRob: stickster: were you also talking about comments on
external pages as well though

[2:37pm] JonRob: and answering where people have an inaccurate picture?
[2:37pm] herlo: moixs: k
[2:37pm] stickster: JonRob: So I think those are two specific work
items: 1. Following up on community sites around/after release day; and
2. Recording news stories and providing follow-up where appropriate.

[2:38pm] JonRob: yup
[2:38pm] herlo: so I have a specific question regarding what is
considered news? Is an individuals blog post news? Or is it more like
LWN and Phoronix?
[2:38pm] moixs: herlo: going back and add past items seems like a lot of
work, not necessary useful. If we start right for the F11 release it's
ok for me. But everyone shuld add things to these pages when you see an
article on a major website. It helps us keep statistics about our
marketing efforts.

[2:39pm] moixs: herlo: more lile LWN ans Phoronix
[2:39pm] herlo: because I can see us gathering a lot of posts out there
that have good information and could be useful, but could become a heavy
load to gather all the tiem
[2:40pm] moixs: yep, we shouldn't consider the usefulness, but how many
people it affects, marketing way. IMO

[2:40pm] themayor: lwn and phoronix
[2:40pm] themayor: things like that
[2:40pm] themayor: individual posts are nice, but will probably be too
cumbersome to keep track of
[2:41pm] moixs: The article sI link there are all from the 5-6 biggest
general french IT website
[2:41pm] stickster: OK, back to the schedule. This issue came up as a
side note to the schedule, I think
[2:42pm] themayor: well it came up as a discussion of the first item on
the schedule

[2:43pm] themayor: okay i want to ask a question
[2:43pm] themayor: right now the cycle is this
[2:43pm] themayor: fudcon -> alpha -> feature freeze -> beta -> final
freeze -> release
[2:44pm] themayor: i think, that ideally, i would like or schedule to
start from the previous fudcon

[2:44pm] themayor: just because there is stuff to do around there as well
[2:44pm] themayor: does anyone agree/disagree?
[2:44pm] moixs: I'm not sure to understand what you mean
[2:44pm] themayor: it may even be that the meeting immediately after
fudcon is set aside to discuss the upcoming cycle
[2:45pm] JonRob: agree completely, the schedule as is was written
specifically to run for from after alpha to final release because that's
all the time we have in this cycle
[2:45pm] themayor: meaning if we are going to map out activities over
the course of a release, it technically starts at the fudcon preceding
the release
[2:45pm] JonRob: for a general template schedule, the earlier items will
need to be added on
[2:46pm] themayor: JonRob: yes i know, i wasnt being crtical, im just
trying to work out the concept of the template schedule

[2:46pm] JonRob: themayor: no problem at all, complete agree with you
[2:47pm] themayor: okay great, so that being said, that was sort of a
side track, i am going to put together a template schedule tonight or
tomorrow and send that to the list as well
[2:47pm] stickster: If I were going to set a date for getting a
marketing schedule together for the next release, I'd just state it as
<N> weeks before Alpha.

[2:47pm] GeroldKa joined the chat room.
[2:47pm] JonRob: ha, wikis are crazy - i just went to add stickster's
new items

[2:48pm] JonRob: and they're already there
[2:48pm] themayor: hahaha, awesome
[2:48pm] • stickster
[2:48pm] themayor: stickster: yes, i agree, i was thinking ideally ti
should be something like 5-6 weeks before alpha

[2:48pm] themayor: which in reality will probably end up being 2-3
[2:49pm] moixs: Seems sensible to me
[2:49pm] JonRob: the original drafts of the proposal also included
suggestions for content that could be creaated around fudcons
[2:50pm] JonRob: and there is definitely potential in the new FADs for
some marketing

[2:50pm] herlo: JonRob: +1 on the fudcon creation
[2:50pm] herlo: and FADs
[2:50pm] themayor: yeah alright, so hopefully when the template is up
later everyone can add these bits and pieces

[2:51pm] themayor: back to the current schedule
[2:51pm] themayor: we have about 10 minutes
[2:52pm] themayor: id at least like to have people volunteer for all the
stuff through april

[2:52pm] JonRob: ok, well i'll happily take creating the translation how to
[2:52pm] stickster: We should look at the schedule much in the way that
John Poelstra looks at his overall schedule -- if it's not perfect,
that's OK -- we want it to get progressively better each release, though.

[2:52pm] JonRob: or at least, i'll happily collaborate with others on that
[2:52pm] Karlik left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[2:53pm] stickster: JonRob: Did you see my email to the list?
[2:53pm] stickster: There is already a Translation Quick Start Guide,
produced by the L10n and Docs team.s

[2:53pm] kital joined the chat room.
[2:53pm] JonRob: stickster: oh awesome
[2:53pm] themayor: also one thing i dont think we necessarily should
produce the guides ourselves
[2:53pm] themayor: at least not for the most part, or maybe unless docs
is bogged down
[2:54pm] stickster: As with any tasks, I think we need to make sure they
fit into the context of the Marketing team.
[2:54pm] themayor: yes, i think we need to work with docs to ensure
these things are happening and provide support to them
[2:54pm] stickster: Otherwise it becomes too much like randomness, and
that makes it hard to achieve a measurable success.

[2:55pm] JonRob: working with other teams is very important, agreed
[2:56pm] themayor: okay so lets say our goal isnt to write the guides,
but to coordinate with docs to make sure they happen
[2:56pm] themayor: all the other stuff, features summaries and related,
thats us, and i feel like that is more suited towards our team anyway, no?
[2:57pm] stickster: I think the guide to testing should be coming from
QA. Docs on translating software come from L10n.

[2:57pm] themayor: yes, that sounds about right
[2:57pm] stickster: And yes, things like summaries, and developing the
other content and information that helps us send a consistent message to
the general public about Fedora, comes from Marketing.
[2:58pm] JonRob: i do think that marketing would need to write copy to
promote the various guides, and ensure they're targeted at appropriated
[2:58pm] stickster: JonRob: Yes, that's definitely the right crossover
point. It's not making sure they get published; the job of Marketing is
to make sure they're seen and heard about.

[2:59pm] JonRob: also, recognising the need for specific documents
[2:59pm] stickster: But there's nothing saying that the Marketing lead
for doing that for a specific doc, and the Docs team person responsible
for that doc, can't work together to coordinate.

[2:59pm] stickster: They should, in fact!
[2:59pm] stickster: JonRob: Sure, and bringing that to the Docs team to
solve, for instance.

[3:00pm] • stickster yields to themayor to continue
[3:00pm] JonRob: think we should clarify this on the schedule a little
[3:01pm] themayor: thats good, okay so we need to update those things on
moixs wiki page
[3:01pm] themayor: because right now it says the goal is for us to
produce them

[3:01pm] stickster: moixs: Can you revise
[3:01pm] stickster: ?
[3:01pm] moixs: Yes
[3:01pm] moixs: tomorrow
[3:01pm] stickster: no problem
[3:01pm] themayor: anyway JonRob if you talk to docs, ill talk to qa
[3:01pm] themayor: deal?
[3:02pm] JonRob: sounds wonderful to me
[3:03pm] JonRob: heh, think i got the easy end of things, with the guide
already written
[3:03pm] JonRob: themayor, be sure to speak with jlaska about the stuff
he's already done

[3:04pm] themayor: absolutely
[3:04pm] themayor: now on to the stuff for beta
[3:04pm] stickster: themayor: What is going to be your role in that doc
[3:04pm] stickster: I guess I don't understand what our Marketing goal
is in contacting Docs + QA about these two guides.

[3:04pm] stickster: Can someone clarify that for me?
[3:05pm] themayor: ill try
[3:05pm] themayor: so essentially to make sure that these things exists
and are updated for the release

[3:05pm] moixs: (I really need to go, sorry)
[3:05pm] stickster: moixs: Thank you for your time
[3:05pm] moixs left the chat room. ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox
[3:06pm] stickster: themayor: I'm trying to see that the Docs team
itself has the chance to properly fit anything needing publishing into
their workload

[3:07pm] themayor: okay so they are overburdened?
[3:07pm] stickster: We have a new community leader there and I'm sure
he'll want to know if there are new items coming in for publishing so
they can find maintainers.

[3:07pm] lcafiero: We are also going to be working on docs at FAD SCaLE
[3:07pm] JonRob: stickster: as i envision it, marketing wants to go to
the people wiht the most niterest in producing these guides

[3:07pm] JonRob: i.e. glezos, jlaska
[3:08pm] JonRob: whoever they want to further go to
[3:08pm] JonRob: and see if they are happy to work on it
[3:08pm] JonRob: we can collaborate on creation where needed
[3:08pm] JonRob: if needed we can head over to docs for publishing it
[3:09pm] JonRob: and the initial creators continue to maintain it
[3:09pm] JonRob: i don't see the need for a fixed divide between people
in mktg, docs, qa etc only being able to do one specific thing

[3:09pm] JonRob: the processes are open
[3:09pm] stickster: Right, it's an intersection
[3:10pm] JonRob: if something needs producing
[3:10pm] themayor: the truth is, i just got this idea, how much is it
our responsibility to make sure those things are taken care of

[3:10pm] themayor: and for each release
[3:10pm] JonRob: let's give potentially interested parties a prod and be
the catalyst

[3:10pm] themayor: it should be the individual groups
[3:10pm] themayor: JonRob: yeah exactly
[3:10pm] quaid: you know ... this is crazy talk ... but it would be kind
of cool if we had a concerted effort to figure out what our Fedora
audience wants.

[3:11pm] JonRob: quaid?
[3:11pm] quaid: Docs presumes a User Guide, for example, is desired and

[3:11pm] quaid: but is it?
[3:11pm] quaid: we have very little market data that says either way
[3:11pm] JonRob: quaid, the docs that we're talking about here though
[3:11pm] quaid: so we pursue what interests us, etc., but without market

[3:11pm] • quaid listens
[3:11pm] stickster: Here's the thing -- the Translation Guide is already
underway and actively maintained.
[3:12pm] stickster: The Testing Guide is something that QA has already
started producing content for, if nothing else than jlaska's recent blog

[3:12pm] stickster: Those need to be augmented and tied together.
[3:12pm] stickster: But those are pretty slushy tasks right now for
Marketing, to somehow coordinate those guides.

[3:12pm] Renault left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
[3:12pm] JonRob: slushy?
[3:13pm] quaid: not solid like ice
[3:13pm] stickster: Difficult to see where they start, and when they're

[3:13pm] quaid: not liquid like water
[3:13pm] herlo: quaid: to answer your question succinctly, 'Contributors
are those who decide what is important and we try to share that with the
users in Fedora Land'. Does that sound reasonable to everyone?

[3:13pm] JonRob: well, the purpose behind proposing
[3:13pm] JonRob: might help to clear this up and let us tighten up our

[3:13pm] JonRob: is that as a project, and as a marketing team
[3:13pm] quaid: herlo: well, we've never explored a different approach;
and I reckon some folks might like guidance from such an effort; but if
it's not the topic here today, I'll bring it up on-list some time.
[3:13pm] JonRob: we are trying to encourage and ENABLE as many new (and
old) contributors to get involved
[3:14pm] herlo: so our marketing is around what *should* already be
popular because it's us who creates it,
[3:14pm] JonRob: two key areas where contributors can easily get
involved are translation and qa
[3:14pm] JonRob: as a marketing team, i see it as our responsibility to
ensure that the pieces are in place to help people get started
[3:14pm] herlo: quaid: but I do see your point, maybe we'd get more
people if we said, 'here's what we have, what's lacking?' to a larger
[3:15pm] JonRob: a vital part of that is instructional guides on how to
do it
[3:15pm] JonRob: along with copy that entices people into reading and

[3:15pm] JonRob: BOTH of these are important parts of the puzzle
[3:15pm] stickster: JonRob: That's not a big differentiator from other
teams though.

[3:15pm] stickster: JonRob: That's, after all, a project-wide goal.
[3:16pm] stickster: Before we get into this conversation, though, I
don't want to hijack Jack's agenda.
[3:16pm] JonRob: right, well at that point i'll throw my hands up in the
air and say i'm not totally sure what marketing is supposed to do

[3:17pm] JonRob: sure...
[3:17pm] stickster: JonRob: I have an idea but I don't want to run Jack
in circles
[3:17pm] stickster: After we get through the meeting I'm happy to hang
around and talk about this

[3:17pm] themayor: haha, anyway
[3:17pm] stickster: Because it's very important to me that Marketing
have a detailed set of tasks to work on that are unique to the team, and
allow the people present to devote their specialized skills.

[3:18pm] • herlo will be intently listening to that conversation
[3:19pm] stickster: themayor: Proceed
[3:19pm] themayor: thanks
[3:19pm] themayor: the stuff for preview release
[3:20pm] themayor: feature summary
[3:20pm] themayor: im gonna add in talking points to that as well
[3:21pm] themayor: there is already a talking point page
[3:21pm] themayor: we need to finish that and work on a larger document
as is proposed by jonrob in the current schedule
[3:23pm] Sonar_Guy left the chat room. ("Xchat destroyed by Operating
[3:23pm] stickster: themayor: What's left to do on the talking points,
and who's got the ball to do it?
[3:23pm] JonRob: themayor: i think we need to make sure we talk with
rahul about that too
[3:24pm] JonRob: there's been *a lot* of confusion and duplicated work
in the past

[3:24pm] themayor: stickster: right now its me
[3:24pm] themayor: needs to be re-worded
[3:24pm] JonRob: also, themayor: link?
[3:24pm] themayor: but if anyone else feels compelled
[3:24pm] stickster: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F11_Talking_Points
[3:25pm] stickster: themayor: What do you still need to do?
[3:25pm] stickster: I'm just trying to figure out how we know it's done,
and what we'll do next after it is.
[3:25pm] themayor: just continue to update it, reword it to be more
plain english

[3:26pm] themayor: and take care of the stuff thats in bold on that page
[3:26pm] themayor: i guess we will know when its done when i email the
list saying its done and no one disagrees?
[3:26pm] • lcafiero has to go to $DAYJOB where he'll pick up the
conversation when he gets there.

[3:26pm] lcafiero left the chat room. ("Leaving")
[3:27pm] stickster: themayor: Why don't you take care of the bold
points, and I'll make sure it gets an edit for human speadk.

[3:27pm] stickster: *speak, even.
[3:27pm] themayor: thats the plan
[3:27pm] stickster: themayor: Email the list when you've done the bold
points, and I'll catch that and give it one more editorial pass.

[3:27pm] stickster: What happens after that?
[3:27pm] stickster: Well, we can discuss that on list, never mind.
[3:28pm] themayor: yeah
[3:29pm] themayor: okay so we are almost an hour an a half in, can we
suspend the meeting for now and we continue to work on the wiki to
develop the three things we spoke about today:

[3:29pm] themayor: 1. Template Schedule
[3:29pm] themayor: 2. F11 Schedule
[3:29pm] themayor: 3. News Distribution Page
[3:30pm] stickster: I'm good with that
[3:30pm] themayor: and next week we can pick up on all that stuff,
assuming we all talk about everything on the list

[3:30pm] JonRob: heh
[3:31pm] stickster: Adjourn?
[3:31pm] herlo: sounds good to me
[3:31pm] themayor: yes please im hungry i havent eaten yet!
[3:32pm] stickster: themayor: So you'll post a summary for this meeting
and a IRC log to the list, correct?

[3:32pm] themayor: yes
[3:32pm] themayor: not right now, but in a couple hours or so
[3:32pm] stickster: That's super.

Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
Old 02-06-2009, 08:24 PM
Francesco Ugolini
Default Meeting Summary and Log of 5/2/2009

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 10:03 PM, Jack Aboutboul <jaa@redhat.com> wrote:
> I'm gonna try and do these as well as put them up on the wiki to track.

> Hopefully, we will be able to have the template schedule done by next week
> so that we can begin dividing up all the tasks and equally distributing
> work.

Thank you for all these updates. Like I said, in the last week I
wasn't able to attend, so, it's a real precious tool to stay update
even if unavailable.


Francesco Ugolini

Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
Old 02-07-2009, 08:03 AM
Steven Moix
Default Meeting Summary and Log of 5/2/2009

On Fri, 2009-02-06 at 16:03 -0500, Jack Aboutboul wrote:

> Working from the current schedule, however, we came up with the
> following action items:
> * Have 3 Feature Owners, or relevant contributors do some form of press
> interaction with 3 different community press contacts, this meaning news
> sites, podcasts, etc.
> Owner: Jack Aboutboul
> * From this Steven Moix suggested this:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/NewsDistributionNetwork
> Same idea as above but for each language

The page has been updated with spevack's comments and is now ready to
receive applications for people interested in publishing news for each

There is also an (empty) list with couples between marketing people and
feature owners/SIGs/other to assure a somewhat continuous news flow.

Add yourself to the list if you are interested, we'll discuss the state
of this page during the next meeting IMO.

> * Any Fedora-relates press should now be added to
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/PressArchive

I just added a link to


Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
Old 02-08-2009, 07:21 AM
Max Spevack
Default Meeting Summary and Log of 5/2/2009

On Sat, 7 Feb 2009, Steven Moix wrote:

The page has been updated with spevack's comments

Thanks to whoever did that! It was on my post-FOSDEM to do list, but
I'm appreciative that someone else took care of it for me.


Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
Old 02-10-2009, 03:31 AM
Karsten Wade
Default Meeting Summary and Log of 5/2/2009

On Fri, Feb 06, 2009 at 04:03:13PM -0500, Jack Aboutboul wrote:
> I'm gonna try and do these as well as put them up on the wiki to track.

<wiki_lesson target="All Marketing folks">

Some quick wiki tips:

* 'yum install irclog2html' and use the '-s mediawiki $FILENAME' option:

irclog2html -s mediawiki /tmp/Marketing_IRC_log_20090205.log

The output is the typically kind irclog2html format, but prepared
for MediaWiki consumption. It is $FILENAME.html.

* Put a copy of the IRC log on the wiki in the Meeting: namespace and
using a naturally flowing name:


* On the bottom of that page, add this block:

[[Category:Marketing meeting logs]]

We don't have common suggestions for meeting summaries on the wiki;
most people send them to the list and link to that list archive post
from a wiki page. If we did put them on the wiki, I would put them in
the same namespace, e.g. [[Meeting:Teamname meeting summary]]. This
helps improve searching by all users, so they don't get false
positives from IRC log discussions; those are then easily searchable
from the advanced search interface.

For anyone who uses the wiki regularly, you want to subscribe to
fedora-wiki@lists.fedoraproject.org to keep up on the latest
decisions, plans, and scheming.


- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener
Fedora-marketing-list mailing list

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