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"Valent Turkovic" 12-23-2007 06:04 PM

links for 2007-12-06 Fedora 8: Close, But No Cigar

Fedora 8: Close, But No Cigar

"Fedora had a chance - a real chance - to unseat Ubuntu last week. Not
for my primary machine, the Thinkpad, but for the Ultra 20

Given these frustrations, and having killed more hours than I'd
alloted on all of the above, I decided at that point to cut bait.
Fedora 8 was blown away in favor of Ubuntu and VMWare, the latter of
which installed both Gutsy and Windows Server 2008 relatively
seamlessly (Vista probably would have loaded but my tester's copy has
a bad license key for it and thus I couldn't proceed).

So Fedora's virtualization is terrible, then, right? And VMWare is the future?

A chain of thought that I would not necessarily have arrived at
without my Fedora experiment; proof that we can learn even from our
failures. Fedora may not have poached me as a user yet, but I'll be
sure to try it again in a few months. Who knows what I'll learn from
that experience."

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