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Michael DeHaan 11-28-2007 07:14 PM

Cobbler/koan can now do Xen fullvirt installs
Hi folks,

For those of you wishing to do fully-automated fully-virtualized Xen
installations (as opposed to Xen paravirt, qemu, or KVM which it did
already), that is now doable from koan.

It requires the virt install libraries that are in Fedora 8.

The process is pretty simple. You first need to be running Cobbler
from git (development branch) and koan from git also (there is no

development branch yet for koan).

From the bootserver, tell cobbler to set up a virtual system. This
assumes that cobbler is also managing your PXE configuration, as this

will happen via PXE.

# cobbler system add --name=virttest --mac=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF
--profile=rhel4-i386 --virt-type=xenfv [...]

# cobbler sync (to restart DHCP)

Now, request the new virtual installation from koan.

# koan --virt --system=virttest

The installation will take place over a hybrid of PXE and Cobbler
XMLRPC, resulting in a fully virtualized Xen install, fully automated

all the way through. That's it!

I'll add some docs on this to the Wiki ( ).


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