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Michael DeHaan 11-26-2007 04:33 PM

anaconda crashes with cobbler-generated kickstart-file
Rainer Duffner wrote:

Michael DeHaan wrote:

Rainer Duffner wrote:


I'm trying out cobbler.
0.6.4-2 is installed (and configured).
I imported the RHEL5.1 repository from the DVD image.

The duplicate repo entries look wrong to me. However, they
shouldn't crash Anaconda.

The question is... why are they in there twice? Did you do the
import using a previous cobbler version*?

Yes, 0.6.3 IIRC.
I've now found that the $yum_repo_stanza tag is responsible for it and
it has to be cleared before it works.

0.6.3 had some issues with creating some duplicate repo definitions.

Should be fixed in 0.6.4 ... you may want to re-import, then do a
cobbler reposync, then a cobbler sync.

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