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Harry Hoffman 11-23-2007 02:38 PM

does CENTOS5 import work in Cobbler ?
I installed CentOS5 i386 without any error.

That error seems to indicate a problem with where anaconda is trying to
log to (just a guess).

Can you post your kickstart file, /var/lib/cobbler/settings and the
output of "cobbler report"?

Also, what version of cobbler are you using?


Martin Minka wrote:

I imported CENTOS5 64bit DVD into Cobbler.
cobbler import --mirror=/media/centos5 --name=C5_64

When I am installing it installer stops on error

I would like to prove with somebody who installed CENTOS5 over cobbler
that it works for him and that the problem is not cobbler and its import


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