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"Richard W.M. Jones" 11-23-2007 01:36 PM

virt-clone bug
Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
The Debian maintainer of virt-install found this problem which seems to
be a bug in virt-clone:

# virt-clone -o demo -n demo2 --connect=qemu:///session -f bla2.img
libvir: QEMU error :
libvir: QEMU error :
Cloning from /home/foo/kvm/test/bla.img to bla2.img
ERROR: local variable 'b' referenced before assignment

Judging from the error message, I'm guessing that it happens at the line
I've marked below (in virtinst/

while 1:
l =, design.clone_bs)
s = len(l)
if s == 0:
# check sequence of zeros
if sparse_copy_mode == True and zeros == l:
os.lseek(dst_fd, s, 1)
b = os.write(dst_fd, l)
if s != b: <--------
i += s
if i < size:

It's a very strange piece of code. AIUI it seems to be saying that if
we get a short write, then we should just end the copy without any sort
of error indication, which can't be the right thing to do.


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