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virt-manager: starting up a virtual machine renders keyboard useless
Hi *,

I have a major (and very strange) problem using virt-manager (*): When trying to install a virtual machine (here: Ubuntu Server 8.10) the keyboard layout ist completely messed up which makes an installation impossible - i.e. I cannot enter any text, can hardly navigate in menus (**), can hardly press enter (***) and worst of it: cannot even release the mouse cursor because I have not yet found out which keys I have to press so that the virtual machine receives the intended "ctrl + alt" ("ctrl + alt" obviously does not work). Every key I press does either nothing or something completely different in the virtual machine.
Before starting the virtual machine (i.e. setting it up via the Create Wizard) the keyboard works as expected.

Any hints that might help me?

(*) using v0.5.4 on Xubuntu 8.10 on an (headless) Intel Mac Mini being remotely connected to via LAN from an Intel iMac
(**) When I press any of the cursor keys nothing happens. Pressing the "9" on the numeric keypad a "press the left cursor key" seems to be executed in the virtual machine. I have not yet found the other three directions though.
(***) When I press the enter key nothing happens. I have found out though, that pressing "s" seems to execute an "enter" in the virtual machine.

Thanks in advance


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