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Georg Lohrer 03-24-2009 04:53 AM

Set keymap to local values and how to select my own NIC?

I'm an absolutely rookie in VirtManager-affairs, therefore my question
might sound silly, but it gives me some extra troubles.

I'm using virt-manager 0.7.0 with virtinst-0.400.3 on may local
configuration system.
Using VirtManager creating an new virtual machine on my remote
host-system (running Ubuntu 08.10 with Xeon-CPU, x86_64-kernel and kvm)
always uses "keymap=en_us". Is it possible to set this value to my local
"de" variant? It is possible to create the VM directly on the
remote-host-system using virt-install and give the keymap-parameter
directly. Then VirtManager correctly shows the "keymap=de" value.

And another issue is the NIC. I want to use a bridge on the
remote-host-system. But VirtManager does not give me another choice as
NAT on the Hardware-dialog. Do I have missed anything? Doing something
wrong? And, yes, using virt-install directly again makes it possible to
setup the nic to br0 accordingly.

Best regards,


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