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"C. Daniel Chase" 11-22-2007 12:23 AM

[et-mgmt-tools] Repo Mirroring & Fedora 8 Import
I've recently learned that the latest Fedora 8 online repo contains more
files than are included on the DVD I used for import. While I have the
Fedora-Updates repository mirrored, the extra files that are included in
the original distro, that have not had updates, are not available in
either location.

My only idea for solving this is to re-import the entire distro from the
online repo instead of the DVD.

Anyone have a better solution? I suppose I could rsync the files, but
the related cache, etc won't be properly updated. Though, I suppose the
files would all there.


PS--I'm fine tuning a patch to give better output for use in using
reposync in batch mode. Requires a coordinated update to Yum as well.

C. Daniel Chase (423) 949-4086
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