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Michael DeHaan 12-13-2007 02:57 PM

Checkouts for Fedora Hosted Projects (ex: cobbler, koan, etc)
Fedora Hosted Projects has changed their addresses for web pages and
source repositories around somewhat, so if you have an existing git
checkout that is /not/ working, you can fix this by editing your
.git/config file and using one of the values listed on the gitweb page
for that particular project.

For instance, Cobbler's is:


For koan, replace "cobbler", with "koan". Simple enough.

Existing URLs may continue to work but will probably /not/ work in a
month or so.

This is all part of Fedora Hosted Projects moving to, which should be usable now, but is basically
in 'beta' at this point.

Feel free to browse all the projects there.

If anyone still has problems still getting at source, let me know.


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