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Jeremy Rosengren 12-10-2007 06:47 PM

$yum_config_stanza with updated, but deleted, repos.

First, thanks for creating such a nice tool for provisioning Linux
systems! I only recently found cobbler and have been hard at work
implementing it in my test lab ever since.

I've been working the repo_mirror functionality in my cobbler setup and
appear to be missing some functionality that would be helpful. During
some Linux installs (particularly CentOS, but I think also Fedora),
there are repository definitions in /etc/yum.repos.d which default to
"enabled=0". I'd like to replicate something similar in my own mirrored
repositories, as I'm currently mirroring repositories that I want to be
available, but not enabled by default.

I'd like to confirm that this feature really doesn't exist and that I
haven't missed it completely. If it really doesn't exist, I'll probably
take a stab at adding it (or at the very least generating a trac feature


-- jeremy

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