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"drew einhorn" 07-24-2008 04:43 AM

Fwd: remote virtual terminals

I have a bunch of software that is not playing well together.

I have Hardy Heron laptotp with a ssh connection to a remote RHEL5 Xen Dom0.

I'm using cobbler/koan attempting to provision RHEL5 DomU vitual machines.

I run koan --virt --nogfx ...* on the Dom0 and it sucessfully starts the new DomU VM.

I successfully connect to the VM using virsh on the Dom0 via the ssh connection
from my Hardy laptop.

The RHEL5 installer attempts to set up networking using DHCP and runs astray.

I need to do Ctl-Alt-Fn to access alternate Virtual Consoles on the virsh console
on the DomU to troubleshoot the DHCP issue.* But the Hardy laptop is catching
the Ctrl-Alt-Fn and presenting alternate Virtual Consoles on the laptop instead of

sending to them* to the remote virsh console. through the ssh connection

Is there a better way to get access to a shell and a bunch of logs on the DomU.
Drew Einhorn

Drew Einhorn

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