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Michael DeHaan 06-21-2008 02:33 AM

Care to comment on the future of "Spacewalk" and cobbler?
Marc Mondragon wrote:

Just saw the announcement and was wondering what was in store for
cobbler …

Marc Mondragon

Fox River Financial Resources

2100 Enterprise Avenue
Geneva, IL 60134 <>

Sure :)

Hotel internet has been slow, so apologies on being invisible over the
last few days on the lists/IRC.

Random note: You can see the Register picked up the Cobbler talk here...

They are correct in saying that what we're doing with Cobbler, the
libvirt tools, Func, and so forth were a major factor in making the
decision to open source Satellite. This community *works*. Getting
Satellite out there is clearly something we all wanted to do for a long
time, and now that it's done, we're /really/ happy to see the excitement
growing around it. We've shown we can build a sizable community around
developers and admins who want to share and participate in developing
common infrastructure. We've shown that the open development models
started in Fedora are extremely applicable in the enterprise space (see
also EPEL). With Spacewalk, this can grow further. Spacewalk is
essentially going to be an aggregrator of all sorts of great OSS
management projects in Fedora/EPEL -- we want it to become an interface
to make all of these more usable together. Step 1 is Cobbler, Step 2
might be config management, it might be something else ... we're still

I was sitting around at FudCON today with lots of folks, many Satellite
users, some not, discussing the future of the project. There's a ton of
interest here and it's going to be a good thing. There's already folks
interested in diving in there and helping with database support, for
instance. People on IRC are already looking at the code and talking
about sending in patches. Very good stuff.

Cobbler inclusion in Satellite/Spacewalk is definitely in the roadmap,
and as I mentioned in my talk (slides up now -- ) we're
shooting for early 2009 for having that there. If you want support for
Cobbler you'll be able to get that (AFAIK) through purchasing Satellite.
In addition, the Satellite GUI's provisioning options, since they will
be all Cobbler powered, will work to control cobbler -- so you'll have
additional GUI options. Cobbler command line programs will still work as
normal in this case too, as will koan. Also if you're an existing
Satellite user we want the upgrade process to be transparent. I suspect
we won't surface every Cobbler knob and fader in the Spacewalk GUI,
though you'll still be able to manipulate cobbler directly in those
cases. As myself and the Sat folks have to do some more planning, this
is somewhat subject to change. I'll start a thread up on spacewalk-devel
shortly. If you're interested, definitely join the mailing lists
mentioned at and #spacewalk on freenode.
Development/planning is going to happen in the open there just like it
does here, so if there's something you'd like to see in Spacewalk,
please weigh in!

So, what about stand alone Cobbler? Cobbler as a project will be
continuing on as usual and continuing it's quest for dominance :) You
won't need to install Spacewalk to use it, as there are other
applications (ovirt, possibly test tools, etc) that will want to have a
provisioning service component -- Cobbler is going to be that component.
Does it go away? No. Does it become harder to use? No. More
dependencies? Also no :) It's all good!

I suspect there will be a few Cobbler RFE's and changes needed to make
Satellite support work (maybe a few more XMLRPC methods?), but I don't
see any major roadmap changes.

From Summit conversations so far there seems to be a lot of interest in
image management and the power stuff (we may spawn a seperate
FedoraHosted project for the power bits), so that's definitely on my
shortlist. And that means Satellite/Spacewalk can then acquire those
features too.


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