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"Steven Grunza" 05-09-2012 04:55 PM

Fedora16 and Tecra M4
* I have a Toshiba Tecra M4.* It works well under Fedora 16 except that the fan is constantly on at high speed now.* I don’t know if it’s because of something I’ve loaded, a setting I’ve modified, etc.
* If I add the option “acpi=off” to the boot command then the fan stays at a reasonable rate.
* Unfortunately this also slows down the CPU.* My guess is that the CPU speed information is contained within the ACPI interface.
* Does anyone have experience with controlling the fan on a Toshiba Tecra M4?* *I didn’t always have this problem so it’s either something I changed or something that was changed by an update somewhere along the way.* Since I run the machine in various temperature environments and with different loads I thought the problem was just the CPU running hot but booting into a* SLAX off USB showed the machine running normal – fan running slow, occasional speed up, then back to slow.
* Any help, pointers, etc appreciated.
Steven Grunza
Products Engineer

CTDI | Products Division
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West Chester, PA 19380
phone: 610-793-8527
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