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Ermenegildo Josť Pecorari 08-18-2011 07:36 PM

connection adsl
I have fedora Leonidas installed at desktop and it
was quite easy intalling internet. Now, I have installed fedora 15 at a
laptop and the way installing pppoe in graphical mode changed and it is
not easy in sense it must be encrypted to allow saving data you had set.
am following all steps installing pppoe, graphical mode and pppoe-setup,
and fedora 15 is not able connecting internet. By the graphical mode
with gnome, it connects but not reaching provider defined first.
At shell, with pppoe-setup, arised up messages:

First message sent it was: "Link is down (can't read pppoe PID file /var/run/"
Second message sent it was:"/usr/bin/adsl-start: line 217 : 21477
Terminated * ** $CONNECT "$@" > /dev/null 2>&1"

Could any one explain something about that? And giving a solution or steps installing internet with fedora 15.

The computer it is a Aspire AMD V160 64bits 4 GB MEMORY . It have windows starter.* All steps to install fedora were followed and the system is there, well it seems to be.
Regards,Ermenegildo Pecorari+55 21 ______________________________
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