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Lars Schotte 06-05-2011 12:47 PM

most frustrating about fedora 14 on a macbook
the most frustrating about fedora on a macbook 2007 for example mine
is, that everything is working, and it is working better than ever has.
it is working better than w/ macosx and that is a big statement.

the only problem is this shitty ath9k driver on this f*** wlan card
that i am now regretting very hard, that when i opened my macbook for
the first time, i didnt rip that shit out, when it was opened and
stared at me, and i felt like being laughed out because that card was
the only one that was guranteed to work w/ macosx.

i should have teared that piece of sh** out and throw it away and put a
new minipcie intel or broadcom wlan card inside the minipcie slot. i
have brought some time ago one, but i dont have it here and i am not
willing to open the laptop now... because i would need first to buy a
new wlan adapter for a minipcie slot and thats not easy to find.

is someone else experiencing lockups/busy waiting of the ath9k driver
as well?

i hope it will be fixed some time... i posted some bug reports, but
that doesnt seem to help much as i see on the ath9k dev list, they dont
know what to do first. its like everything is falling apart for that

Lars Schotte
@ Hana (F14)
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