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Carlo Tambuatco 06-03-2011 03:21 PM

Fedora 15 EFI and boot loader question...
I'm not a boot loader expert or an expert on EFI so I'll try to phrase
the questions as simply as I can, and maybe you can correct me...

After updating Fedora 14 to Fedora 15, since I am dual booting between
OS X and Fedora 15 on a MacBook Pro, I use the EFI boot loader, and
where there once was a single Linux icon to choose from, there are now
two. One is the standard penguin icon for booting into Fedora 15, and
there is another box icon indicating something to do with anaconda.
There seems to be now two EFI partitions on my disk where originally
there was one. Does the Fedora 15 always automatically install an EFI
partition as part of the install process, and what is the point of it?

Also, I originally tried to install from the Fedora 15 DVD, but upon
booting into the DVD, there comes a dialog asking to choose between 2
boot options, which were unresponsive to any keystrokes on my MacBook
Pro. My BIOS does not seem to want to communicate with the install
disk. So I installed Fedora 14 then upgraded through preupgrade into
Fedora 15.

I am not too familiar with the technical aspects of the Fedora 15 boot
loader or really any boot loader in general, so any information would
be helpful.
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