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Alejandro Gonzalez 03-01-2010 11:40 PM

fedora crash after minutes(a fan problem?)...
I have a DELL precision M65 on dual boot, windows xp & Fedora since
the times of Fedora 7. And all had been working very well (with some
little issues) until I changed the mother board (because a severe
problem with the last one). Before to the change, I had installed
fedora 11 and windows xp working well, without battery, and after the
change windows xp works well (ja!, I mean, as always), but
fedora(after updating the system, including the kernel) once that it
starts, I have like 10 minutes before the fan starts to speed up and
suddenly shut down, as if the system were overheated? If I try to
login again, I have less time before that occur. I tried to reinstall
from zero (clean) fedora 11 (and 12) but now I do not have so much
time to get the system installed before the fan problem occur again, i
fact in these case I have only like 2 minutes before the problem with
the fan appear. So I tried with fedora 10 and I succeeded in
installing the system, but again, I have only like 10 minutes for
working before the shut down of the system. All this is odd. I do
not know if is a problem with acpi?, with the kernel
configuration(because the problem occur after an update?) or with the
mother board(but windows xp does not find any problem!). Does any of
you have any suggestion? Even when I have used fedora for such a long
time, I have had any serious problem with the configuration, so I do
not have so much experience with the "inner parts" of the system.

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