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Old 08-02-2012, 06:39 PM
Kevin Fenzi
Default Summary/Minutes from today's Fedora Infrastructure meeting (2012-08-02)

#fedora-meeting: Infrastructure (2012-08-02)

Meeting started by nirik at 18:00:00 UTC. The full logs are available at

Meeting summary
* Ola! (nirik, 18:00:00)

* New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks. (nirik, 18:05:50)

* Applications status / discussion (nirik, 18:11:43)

* Sysadmin status / discussion (nirik, 18:23:20)
* getting our private cloud machines setup. (nirik, 18:23:45)
* updated bios and IMM in all the servers. (nirik, 18:23:55)
* decomissioned some old servers (nirik, 18:24:04)
* inventory and labeling (nirik, 18:24:23)
* cleaning out some bad tapes from the tape library. (nirik,
* mediawiki upgraded from 116 to 119 (nirik, 18:24:47)
* gitweb-caching removed in favor of cgit (nirik, 18:24:57)

* Upcoming Tasks/Items (nirik, 18:28:29)
* 2012-07-30 to 2012-08-03 PHX2 trip for smooge (nirik, 18:28:40)
* 2012-08-07 to 2012-08-21 F18 Alpha Freeze (nirik, 18:28:40)
* 2012-08-08 drop inactive apprentices. (nirik, 18:28:40)
* 2012-08-08 hosted03-> hosted01/02 migration (tenative) (nirik,
* 2012-08-21 F18 Alpha release. (nirik, 18:28:40)
* 2012-08-31 end of 2nd quarter (nirik, 18:28:41)
* 2012-09-11 to 2012-09-25 F18 Beta Freeze (nirik, 18:28:43)
* 2012-09-25 F18 Beta release (nirik, 18:28:45)

* Open Floor (nirik, 18:32:24)

Meeting ended at 18:38:47 UTC.

Action Items

Action Items, by person
* (none)

People Present (lines said)
* nirik (81)
* pingou (22)
* mahrud (10)
* puiterwijk (10)
* abadger1999 (9)
* relrod (8)
* zodbot (5)
* lmacken (4)
* threebean (3)
* tensov_ (3)
* urlugal (2)
* jds2001 (2)
* OzBorne (1)
* mdomsch (1)
* shaiton (1)
* tflink (1)
* smooge (0)
* ricky (0)
* skvidal (0)
* dgilmore (0)
* CodeBlock (0)
18:00:00 <nirik> #startmeeting Infrastructure (2012-08-02)
18:00:00 <zodbot> Meeting started Thu Aug 2 18:00:00 2012 UTC. The chair is nirik. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
18:00:00 <zodbot> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic.
18:00:00 <nirik> #meetingname infrastructure
18:00:00 <nirik> #topic Ola!
18:00:00 <nirik> #chair smooge skvidal CodeBlock ricky nirik abadger1999 lmacken dgilmore mdomsch threebean
18:00:00 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'infrastructure'
18:00:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: CodeBlock abadger1999 dgilmore lmacken mdomsch nirik ricky skvidal smooge threebean
18:00:38 * threebean is here
18:01:14 * abadger1999 here
18:01:33 * pingou here
18:01:39 * puiterwijk here
18:01:42 * tflink is around
18:02:11 * lmacken
18:02:13 <pingou> nirik: isn't infra at 19utc ?
18:02:22 <mdomsch> this is right
18:02:42 <nirik> pingou: nope...
18:02:52 <pingou> ok, then I have two meetings at the same time
18:02:53 <nirik> it was for a time, we moved it back
18:03:30 <OzBorne> Ola was a french trademark of a gsm operator
18:03:36 <pingou> nirik: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting_channel we should update the page then
18:03:58 * relrod here
18:04:20 <nirik> pingou: ah, missed that one.
18:04:26 <nirik> it's so out of date in other places. ;(
18:04:53 * shaiton is sending a note, FUDCon EMEA meeting on #fedora-meeting-1 now, as the wiki/Meeting_channel is not up to dateā€¦
18:05:15 <nirik> sorry about that shaiton
18:05:50 <nirik> #topic New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks.
18:06:02 <nirik> If any new folks want to give a quick one line bio or any apprentices would like to ask general questions, they can do so here.
18:06:06 <pingou> Aurelien couldn't make it tonight
18:06:14 <tensov_> Hi
18:06:19 <urlugal> Hi
18:06:25 <tensov_> I'd like to introduce myself
18:06:43 <puiterwijk> Hi, I have been too late next week and would like to introduce myself
18:07:11 <tensov_> I'm Unai from Bilbao (spain) and it would be great to help as much as I can
18:07:12 <urlugal> I work in network operations at a FOIP company and want to get involved in working on the site and the wiki.
18:07:12 <nirik> go ahead all... and welcome.
18:08:14 <puiterwijk> I am currently a student from the Netherlands, and have been coding already last week for infra, and would like to continue to help
18:08:30 <nirik> excellent.
18:08:46 <pingou> puiterwijk: nice, where ?
18:09:06 <nirik> please do chime in on our other channels: #fedora-admin, #fedora-noc or #fedora-apps... we can point you to things to get you started and such after the meeting.
18:09:27 <puiterwijk> pingou: Well, I have been working mostly with the services (web) part until now, and scripting (admin-scripts)
18:09:44 <pingou> puiterwijk: where in the NL ? We might be neighbour
18:09:52 <puiterwijk> pingou: In Utrecht
18:09:58 <pingou> puiterwijk: we 30min away
18:10:01 <pingou> +'re
18:10:27 <nirik> cool.
18:10:29 <pingou> puiterwijk: Wageningen here
18:10:44 <puiterwijk> pingou: cool I pass by Wageningen on the way to university every day (Nijmegen)
18:10:55 <pingou> puiterwijk: we should meet
18:11:35 <puiterwijk> pingou: agreed over here I'll talk to you in #fedora-admin after the meeting
18:11:40 <nirik> ok, welcome all new folks. do see us after the meeting in admin and we can sort things out.
18:11:43 <nirik> #topic Applications status / discussion
18:11:52 <nirik> so, new application news or plans from last week or upcoming?
18:12:04 <nirik> threebean / lmacken / abadger1999 / pingou / ianweller
18:12:09 <pingou> I've arranged a phone conf with Aurelien tomorrow about HK/KS
18:12:22 <abadger1999> pingou: Grat!
18:12:25 <abadger1999> GReat!
18:12:40 <lmacken> I'm working on getting a new bodhi1 release into staging today. I merged a lot of patches from till, bochecha, and the fedmsg branch from threebean.
18:12:54 <nirik> note that we start F18 alpha freeze next tuesday.
18:12:57 <abadger1999> pingou: what time is that?
18:12:59 * lmacken wants to do a bunch of testing before pushing it to production
18:13:05 <pingou> abadger1999: early afternoon CEST time
18:13:07 <nirik> lmacken: excellent.
18:13:13 <pingou> abadger1999: want to make it later so you can join ?
18:13:16 <threebean> fedmsg stuff here.. I wrote a note to the infra list about the pieces I'm hoping to get into production before Tuesday.
18:13:35 <threebean> abadger1999 helped today with the stuff on pkgs01. almost done!
18:13:37 <nirik> threebean: yeah, saw that. Hopefully it will go smoothly.
18:14:10 <abadger1999> pingou: even if I can't be on the phone, I might be able to be around on IRC.
18:14:13 <abadger1999> pingou: It's friday tomorrow, so unless it conflicts with something today, I can stay up or wake up early.
18:14:36 <pingou> abadger1999: we can also just postpone it by 2h so you are awake
18:14:42 <abadger1999> heh :-)
18:14:56 <pingou> abadger1999: I don't think that would be a problem (if we have something to make phone conf with 3 ppl)
18:15:47 <nirik> abadger1999 / relrod: was the plan for fas release to be after the freeze? or before? or with an exception in freeze?
18:16:03 * nirik will be right back, have to step away for a sec.
18:16:13 <abadger1999> pingou: I think RH has the capability to run conf calls in France and US. Maybe we can ask spot about that after the meeting.
18:16:45 <relrod> nirik: Was going to be before but we decided to wait until after because there's a few things we still want to add (like completed translations and a few extra patches from the fas trac)
18:16:56 <pingou> abadger1999: sounds nice
18:17:09 <pingou> abadger1999: and it would become handy for us in the future I believe
18:17:41 <abadger1999> <nod>
18:18:14 <nirik> relrod: sounds good. thanks.
18:18:17 <nirik> ok, any more apps news?
18:18:19 <relrod> Somewhat relevant to app discussion: I've marked python-werkzeug 0.8.3 as stable for EPEL 6 last night
18:18:28 <relrod> which puts us a bit closer to having Flask in EPEL
18:18:34 <pingou> relrod: what is left ?
18:19:38 <relrod> pingou: Well - going to probably push Flask 0.9 to testing today or tomorrow
18:19:52 <pingou> relrod: sweet, please ping me when it's on testing
18:19:58 <relrod> pingou: will do
18:20:02 <puiterwijk> more FAS news from me: I have coded the security question system, which is in staging right now
18:20:19 <nirik> puiterwijk: thanks for working on that.
18:20:39 <pingou> puiterwijk: the idea is to be able to retrieve its account through the question ?
18:21:02 <puiterwijk> pingou: yes, the user can email the admins, who can decode the (encrypted) answer to verify it is indeed the owner of the account
18:21:28 <puiterwijk> for example if he loses access to his original email account (employee switch, etc)
18:21:29 <pingou> puiterwijk: sweet
18:21:29 <nirik> another way of getting your account back if you don't control the email it's tied to
18:21:54 <mahrud> I saw an email in the mailing list about s3, *just a reminder*
18:22:03 <jds2001> are we going to shout from the rooftops "hey, go put your question in
18:22:06 <jds2001> ??
18:22:18 <nirik> jds2001: yeah, once it's deployed we should.
18:22:41 <nirik> mahrud: good point. s3cmd is looking for a new maintainer(s)... please see the list posting and/or mdomsch if you are interested.
18:23:10 <nirik> ok, moving on... ?
18:23:20 <nirik> #topic Sysadmin status / discussion
18:23:29 <nirik> tons of things this week in the sysadmin side of things...
18:23:37 <nirik> smooge is out at our main datacenter this week.
18:23:45 <nirik> #info getting our private cloud machines setup.
18:23:55 <nirik> #info updated bios and IMM in all the servers.
18:24:04 <nirik> #info decomissioned some old servers
18:24:23 <nirik> #info inventory and labeling
18:24:34 <nirik> #info cleaning out some bad tapes from the tape library.
18:24:39 <nirik> Additionally, this week...
18:24:47 <nirik> #info mediawiki upgraded from 116 to 119
18:24:57 <nirik> #info gitweb-caching removed in favor of cgit
18:25:10 <nirik> There are still some redirects we need to fix up for the gitweb migration.
18:25:56 <nirik> any other upcoming or recent sysadmin stuff to note?
18:26:01 <mahrud> nirik: also you might want to post it on devel-maillist, apparently some folks there didn't hear it from infra-list
18:26:20 <nirik> mahrud: I did actually post there too. I can post another followup that it's done.
18:26:33 <nirik> I'm going to also be making a 'fedorahosted-announce' list...
18:26:46 <nirik> so we can more easily notify hosted folks of any upcoming changes or issues.
18:27:06 <mahrud> cool
18:27:43 <nirik> also, skvidal has been working some more on buildsys stuff... moving closer to a way to easily build and produce repos for folks.
18:28:08 <nirik> ok, I think thats mostly it...
18:28:18 <nirik> #topic topic Upcoming Tasks/Items
18:28:23 <nirik> #undo
18:28:23 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Topic object at 0x1a74bc10>
18:28:29 <nirik> #topic Upcoming Tasks/Items
18:28:40 <nirik> #info 2012-07-30 to 2012-08-03 PHX2 trip for smooge
18:28:40 <nirik> #info 2012-08-07 to 2012-08-21 F18 Alpha Freeze
18:28:40 <nirik> #info 2012-08-08 drop inactive apprentices.
18:28:40 <nirik> #info 2012-08-08 hosted03-> hosted01/02 migration (tenative)
18:28:40 <nirik> #info 2012-08-21 F18 Alpha release.
18:28:41 <nirik> #info 2012-08-31 end of 2nd quarter
18:28:43 <nirik> #info 2012-09-11 to 2012-09-25 F18 Beta Freeze
18:28:45 <nirik> #info 2012-09-25 F18 Beta release
18:28:52 <nirik> I might move the hosted migration later, since we have been doing so much to hosted of late.
18:29:02 <nirik> any other upcoming items or tasks folks would like to note?
18:29:40 <relrod> nirik: is there anything on the agenda for "get this done before the freeze in less than a week"
18:30:07 <nirik> I think threebean is hoping to land some fedmesg stuff.
18:30:24 <nirik> lmacken: are you going to try and get bodh1 update out before freeze?
18:30:46 <lmacken> nirik: yeah, hopefully
18:30:54 <nirik> ok.
18:31:15 <nirik> I don't think there's much else we wanted to land before freeze...
18:31:19 <nirik> at least that I can think of
18:31:34 <relrod> alright
18:32:24 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
18:32:32 <nirik> anything for open floor? questions? comments?
18:33:29 <mahrud> there are many nice tickets in the trac that haven't moved for months
18:33:51 <nirik> yeah, we should probibly make another pass and purge some that never got answers to questions, etc.
18:34:36 <nirik> ok, if nothing else, then we will close out here in a minute.
18:34:44 <mahrud> cool, I especially liked the ones about selinux, but apprentices don't have access to audit logs
18:35:09 <nirik> mahrud: acutally, I think I can get you those if you want to work on it...
18:35:11 <mahrud> nirik: is that dangerous if you increase the permissions on audit logs?
18:35:21 <nirik> we have a daily report that goes out with avcs
18:35:22 <mahrud> nirik: great! thanks!
18:35:37 <mahrud> avcs?
18:35:50 <nirik> if we can reduce those or see hosts that don't have any but aren't enforcing, we can set them to enforcing.
18:36:25 <nirik> forget what it stands for... but a denial.
18:36:32 <nirik> Or would be a denial if it was enforcing.
18:36:50 <mahrud> permissive?
18:37:03 <nirik> yeah, many of our hosts are in permissive mode... some are enforcing.
18:37:27 <mahrud> yeah, I can help with that a lot I think
18:37:32 <nirik> excellent.
18:37:51 <nirik> ok, anything else, or shall we call it a meeting?
18:38:45 <nirik> thanks for coming everyone
18:38:47 <nirik> #endmeeting
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