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Kevin Fenzi 06-19-2012 05:51 PM

Upcoming items and reminder that I will be out for a bit

First, I thought I would send a reminder that I am going to be out on
vacation, starting this thursday (2012-06-21) and arriving back home
(2012-07-04). If you need me to do something before I leave, please ask
me soon. Because I am an information junkie, I will possibly check
emails, but I don't intend to answer anything but super urgent things.
Also, I intend to not look back at IRC, so if you say something on IRC
while I am gone, don't expect me to know about it. :)

Secondly, I thought I would list out pending things if folks want to
schedule and get those done while I am gone. ;)

Mediawiki 119 updgrade
- needs plugins packaged/built.
- needs testing in stg.
- needs scheduled

Migration of to new machine
- needs fixing up for what went wrong last time
- needs scheduling.

Migration to hosted01/02
- In my testing, the new gluster has been great.
- needs more brutal testing.
- needs scheduling.

Switch to cgit from gitweb-caching
- Setup testing in stg?
- Decide about compat redirects or not
- schedule

Infrastructure Security FAD

- I setup a base page at:
- Needs more details and nailing down what we need for budget.
- Perhaps a table of interested person, location, cost to
location A, cost to location B, etc.

Those are all the shorter term ones.

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