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Kevin Fenzi 09-19-2011 07:30 PM

Avast! A todo thread for ye!
For folks working in infrastructure, what are you working on this week?

Note that I am not looking for some detailed todo list, just after
having fought your monday and read your emails and looked at tickets
and bugs and requests, what kind of things are you going to try and
work on this week? On friday, if you looked and finished X, you would
feel happy about the week. whats X?

Last week I said: (X indicates I managed to finish that item):

X Document bastion machines and their oddities in infa-docs.
- Going to try and fix syslog from non vpn machines.
(Decided here to wait and just add other machines to vpn in the
192.168.100 range and make sure thats firewalled off from anything
except logging and such.
X Get our Beta tickets filed and the freeze setup tomorrow (announce
it, etc)
- Look at updating CSI
(Got things checked out, but not too far on updating it yet)
X Work on askbot in stg some more.
X Continue new machine (rhel6) plans.
X Typical putting out fires, fixing things as they break, fixing
things that send me email.

This week:

- Plan for password/sshkey reset flag day.
- Look at updating CSI
- make a proxy08 and prep it to replace proxy01
- Look into yubikey/googleauthenticator and come up with a plan.
- more ask.stg work.
- Finally look at zarafa and decide fate.

anyone else? How did you do last week? Anything big this week?

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