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Kevin Fenzi 09-09-2011 05:48 AM

bastion03 outage/issue tonight
At around 05:20 UTC there were vpn issues. bastion03 (the current vpn
hub) was only sporadically reachable. It wasn't clear if this was a
network issue, or something with the instance. I was able to login, but
then it would just not respond for minutes at a time, then recover.

I got in and upped it's cpus (it had only 1, I changed to 4) and
rebooted it and everything came back up and was working again at around
5:40 UTC.

I couldn't find much in the logs, but more eyes on it welcome.
Hopefully it was just a network issue (although I could get to
bastion02 fine), or a lack of cpu power.


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