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Ioannis Aslanidis 12-13-2010 07:36 PM

Introduction of Ioannis Aslanidis

My name is Ioannis Aslanidis. I am 27 years old and I was born in
Drama, Greece. I grew up in Spain and I currently live in the city of
Barcelona. My time zone is CET(UTC+1)/CEST(UTC+2).
I normally have free time most of the workdays nights and some
weekends and will be able to dedicate a few hours every week.

About my background, I have been a Gentoo packager, developer and
global forums moderator since 2005 and I have also been part of
different projects, besides attenting some years to FOSDEM to support
the booth.

I have finished a degree in computer engineering and a master in
computer security.

Professionally, I am the System and Network Administration Team Leader
in Fluendo/Flumotion since 2008, administrating almost 500 RHEL5
machines betweet 2-3 people. I have pretty good background in
monitoring (nagios 3), setting up streaming clusters (flumotion),
working with bind and dhcpd, setting up machine setups using puppet,
working in xen/kvm virtual environments and I have very good skills
scripting in bash and average with python. Besides, I am pretty
skilled in C/C++ and Java. I have also had the usual chance to write
some spec files for custom packages.

I have also developed a small python application called `pylsyncd`
that stands for `python live syncing daemon`, that uses pynotify to
detect changes in filesystems and replicate using rsync wrappers the
changes in parallel among several servers.

I am willing to join in to learn even more about administering Fedora
and RHEL-based systems, learn new things from other people and share
my knowledge with others as well. This can be very interesting.

Among my motivations, here's a small list:
- scripting
- monitoring
- security
- building systems for multi-target architectures and platforms
- automation and rapid deployment

I hope to be a good addition to your team, do cool stuff and have some real fun!

Best regards.

Ioannis Aslanidis
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