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Old 03-12-2009, 07:27 PM
Ricky Zhou
Default Meeting Log - 2009-03-12

20:00 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Who's here?
20:00 * ricky
20:00 * collier_s is here
20:01 * ivazquez|laptop is around
20:01 -!- MostafaDaneshvar [n=MostafaD@unaffiliated/mostafadaneshvar] has joined #fedora-meeting
20:01 * SmootherFrOgZ here
20:02 < mmcgrath> Ok, so lets get started
20:03 -!- Sonar_Gal [n=Andrea@fedora/SonarGal] has quit Connection timed out
20:03 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Tickets
20:03 * skvidal is
20:03 < mmcgrath> Looks like there actually aren't any tickets.
20:04 < mmcgrath> So next topic
20:04 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Fedora Cloud
20:04 < mmcgrath> So it looks like our Fedora cloud might finally be delivered.
20:04 < SmootherFrOgZ> o/
20:04 < mmcgrath> From what I understand the last of the network stuff should be ready by tomorrow night.
20:05 < mmcgrath> SmootherFrOgZ: you still interested.. even though it's been 2 months?!?!
20:05 < SmootherFrOgZ> mmcgrath: hahaha, are you kidding me ?
20:06 < ricky> What work is there to be done once it's delivered?
20:06 < mmcgrath>
20:06 < SmootherFrOgZ> i've a lot of work to commit
20:06 < mmcgrath> ricky: my understanding is we've been waiting for months to get a switch and router configured.
20:06 < ricky> Haha
20:06 < mmcgrath> anywho.
20:06 < mmcgrath> It's coming!
20:06 < mmcgrath> so that's good.
20:06 < mmcgrath> And it's something we can work on while we're frozen so that's nice too.
20:06 -!- basilgohar [n=basilgoh@] has quit Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)
20:06 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Password Resets.
20:06 < collier_s> i'd like to help out in anyway / shape / form
20:07 < mmcgrath> collier_s: sure thing, I'm sure there will be a bunch of stuff to do.
20:07 < mmcgrath> So the password resets went remarkably well for most people. There's a pretty vocal minority though.
20:07 < mmcgrath> Some good ideas came out of it.
20:07 -!- tibbs [n=tibbs@fedora/tibbs] has quit "Konversation terminated!"
20:08 < ricky> So exactly what changes are we looking at for next time?
20:08 < mmcgrath> ricky: the 3 things mentioned in my email.
20:08 < mmcgrath> recovery of home dir, more explicit email, and aliases to stick around longer.
20:08 < ricky> Sorry, I've been looking at several different threads on this topic
20:09 < ricky> Aha
20:09 < mmcgrath> And since people bitched and moaned enough we will probably go off of "last seen" and start updating that.
20:09 < mmcgrath> It accomplishes a similar goal. It'll make things easier on the package contributors if we can get it updated in pkgdb and bodhi.
20:10 * ricky will look at getting fasClient and the expiry script modified for those things
20:10 < mmcgrath> and since they seem to be the ones who had the biggest problem figuring out who this whole process worked, if we can avoid inconveniencing them in the future we might as well.
20:10 < mmcgrath> s/who/how/
20:10 -!- basilgohar [n=basilgoh@] has joined #fedora-meeting
20:11 < mmcgrath> ricky: how much time will you have to devote to that over the next month or so?
20:11 < mmcgrath> I'd like to enable a regular daily check as soon as we can.
20:11 < mmcgrath> abadger1999 is familiar with some of the issues and suggestions as well but I didn't want to volunteer him to fix them.
20:11 < ricky> I wish I could give a definitely number :-( I should be able to get the big requirements done this week, while it's spring break
20:11 < ricky> **definite
20:12 < mmcgrath> ricky: k, well keep me in the loop. If things fall apart I can spend some more time getting it up and going.
20:12 < mmcgrath> Anyone have anything else on that?
20:13 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- compose-x86
20:13 < mmcgrath> Boy was that box borked.
20:13 < mmcgrath> it's mostly fixed now.
20:13 < mmcgrath> as a result we're also going to do bios updates to our other x86 blades and the ppc blades just for fun.
20:13 < mmcgrath> compose-x86 runs rawhide so we had all sorts of fun getting it all back up.
20:13 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Transifex
20:14 * mmcgrath summons glezos
20:14 < mmcgrath> ivazquez|laptop: how's transifex going?
20:14 < ivazquez|laptop> Well.
20:14 < mmcgrath> My understanding is we couldn't commit last night because the transif user didn't have access.
20:14 < mmcgrath> other then that and the final migration to a $REAL_DB, things are working?
20:15 < ivazquez|laptop> A fix for PG 8.2+ has been applied.
20:15 < ivazquez|laptop> MySQL we all know about.
20:15 < mmcgrath> ivazquez|laptop: that was a transifex fix, not a django fix right?
20:15 < ivazquez|laptop> Correct.
20:15 -!- Zool^ [n=kaland@19.81-166-29.customer.lyse.net] has quit Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
20:15 < mmcgrath> k
20:15 < mmcgrath> do you know when this is going to start getting used to do actual translations?
20:16 < mmcgrath> or has the translations team started already?
20:16 < ivazquez|laptop> I haven't been watching that side; glezos would better answer that.
20:16 < mmcgrath> k
20:16 -!- Sonar_Gal [n=Andrea@fedora/SonarGal] has joined #fedora-meeting
20:16 < mmcgrath> ivazquez|laptop: do you think we should sqlite -> postgres sooner or later?
20:17 < ivazquez|laptop> Yes. I can respin a new SRPM today.
20:17 < mmcgrath> k, sounds good. I'll make sure to have free time this afternoon to convert and test.
20:17 < ivazquez|laptop> Then it's a matter of altering a single column for the fix.
20:17 < mmcgrath> I still need to get all of this stuff into puppet.
20:18 < mmcgrath> k
20:18 < mmcgrath> ivazquez|laptop: anything else on that?
20:18 < ivazquez|laptop> Sounds about it.
20:19 < mmcgrath> k
20:19 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Beta Release
20:19 < mmcgrath> The beta release is coming up, I've still got some tickets to create and hand out.
20:19 < mmcgrath> And a mirror to verify we have enough space for.
20:20 < mmcgrath> any questions about the freeze right now?
20:20 < ggruener> what is the date of the beta release?
20:21 -!- rwmjones_ [n=rwmjones@] has quit "Closed connection"
20:21 < mmcgrath> ggruener: looks like March 24th.
20:21 < mmcgrath> usually around 10:00 am Eastern time
20:21 < ggruener> ok
20:21 < mmcgrath> Ok, so that's all I had for the meeting
20:21 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Open Floor
20:21 < mmcgrath> anyone have anything they'd like to discuss?
20:23 < mmcgrath> Then I'd just like to thank abadger1999 ivazquez|laptop G_work Rasther and glezos for their work on helping us get the new transifex deployed.
20:23 -!- rdieter is now known as rdieter_away
20:23 < mmcgrath> all in all it's gone fairly well, lots of bumps but nothing horrible. It certainly could have been much much worse.
20:23 -!- lcafiero [n=larry@dsl-63-249-115-153.cruzio.com] has quit Remote closed the connection
20:24 < mmcgrath> so 3 cheers.
20:24 < mmcgrath> Ok, if no one has anything I'll close the meeting in 30
20:24 < ricky> Thanks a lot!
20:24 < f13> I got nuthin
20:24 < mmcgrath> 15
20:24 < mmcgrath> 5
20:24 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Meeting End
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