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Martin Erik Werner 08-12-2012 10:47 PM

Looking for testers of redeclipse 1.2-12.f17 security update
Hello testers and gamesers, I'm currently looking for testers of my
security update for the package "redeclipse" (FPS game), and I'd be
happy if you had the time to poke at it a bit, and karm it
appropriately :)

Since there is no proof-of-concept, I'm just suggesting some seemingly
relevant regression-testing:

1. Install:
$ yum install redeclipse redeclipse-server

2. Check if the game client runs, can play offline, and play on the main
online server:
$ redeclipse
$ redeclipse -x"dm bath"
$ redeclipse -x"connect"

3. Check that downloading a custom map still works:
$ redeclipse -x"edit bath; savemap test-bath; quit"
$ redeclipse-server -ss0 -x"adminpass test" &
$ redeclipse -h/tmp/re-home -x"name tester; lanconnect; sleep 5000
[setmaster test; dm test-bath]"
$ rm -r /tmp/re-home/

4. Check that saving a text file via the built-in text editor works like
it should:
$ redeclipse -x"showgui notepad"
- Edit and save as untitled.txt
$ cat ~/.redeclipse/untitled.txt

5... Anything else you can think of that I missed ;)

I've heard that RE does not work very well on the nouveau drivers,
however it does run fine on the sandy bridge GPU, and on
nvidia-nonfree/amd-nonfree (don't know about amd-free).

Martin Erik Werner <>
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