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Martin Erik Werner 01-01-2012 06:47 PM

Red Eclipse FPS game update
I talked to you (Hans) before[0] (plus follow-up in private email) on
the subject of packaging the game Red Eclipse[1], for Fedora, and in my
case, Debian.

I just wanted to give you a heads up on the status at the moment, since
pretty much all of the issues (mostly legal) discussed then (and several
discovered since) are now resolved, AND, the project is currently
gearing up for a 1.2 release (delayed from a planned pre-holidays one),
which may be an excellent time for packaging it, *hint ;)

Also to note, issues with files which are windows/osx-specific are NOT
resolved (other than that I've requested them to be purged from the *nix
release), but I presume you also practice removing unnecessary bits and
repacking tarballs, so it's merely an inconvenience. I have
makefile-target style scripts for removing these bits (and splitting to
multiple sources for packages) in my current Debian packaging[2], which
might be of interest for reference.

I have created and suggested a more standard *install* target (named
"system-install" in this case)[3], which I presume would make packaging
the game for most distributions (Including Fedora) quite a bit more
convenient ;)

(cube2font is somewhat excessively separated out)

Happy new year!
Martin Erik Werner ("arand") <>
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