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Old 03-26-2008, 10:24 AM
Jacob Smith
Default "Sanitation"

ok sorry about the lack of info i'm new to this so anyway the name i'm going with
is "Sanitation" it will be a resident evil style tribute game. there will be three playable charaters and 3 paths to pick from in the beginning making a total of 9 differnt playthrus, the people you can play are "Duo" "Red" and i haven't thought of a name for the last one yet. "Duo" is a ex-marine who is also on a secert mission during the game, likes to use military type weapons and will start out with a standard Rifle and a knife. players also get bounses to certain types of weapons Duo gains bounses from long range weapons like rifles and sniper rifles, but get's negative when using up close melee weapons. "Red" is a bad A$$ chica, she grew up watching to many action movies, because of that she likes very flash and flamboyt types of weapons, she starts off with a Flamethrower and a standard handgun, gains bounses from flashy types of weapons like flamethrowers and gerandes. she is
also the only member of the team to just be there to do her job. The last one i'll just call "X" for now he is psyhotic, and was in a mental house after the lose of his wife and child. he is very intelligent and seems to know something about everything. He can also go psyhco and takes pleasure in slowly killing people and making them suffer. He starts out with a custom part of duel guns and a knife. he gains bounses when uses knifes and his duel guns. Now the weapon system i'm going to use will have 2 modes, a "Fixed auto aim" mode where viewing angles are fixed and you dont have to aim, and a "Free mode" where you can aim free hand and look around, there will be slightly differnt weapons in each mode. I am also going to "lock" the screen at 800x600 4:3 and 1024x600 16:9 wide screen also 16bit color the reason is this allows us to make many more opitmizions to the graphics and speed of the game rather then having lots of opitions to play with. the basic story of the game
is your part of the "Sanitation" depart for the goverment and you go in and "Clean up there messes" the mission is similar to the doom movie, you go into this base, you are to find survivors, clean out any hostels and get intel. the base is similar to the Resident evil movies "the hive" the opening scene which i like is the three people taking a ride down in the elevator as peoples names and stuff flash on the screen you also get flashs of the inside of the elevator, and you hear them talking about there job and how they clean up others messes for a living. and a little bit of info about this job. then it stops and the doors open and you pick who your playing then you step out and decide which path to take (differnt paths will be more or less diffucult depending on the person you choose)then they each go off down there path. now more on the weapon system, i'm going to use the weapon systems from Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve 2 and Resident Evil 4. In parasite eve (this is for
"fixed mode") when you go to attack a "Dome" appears around you showing you your current weapons "Range" a similar thing will be used during the "fixed" mode, I also enjoy the weapons where you can remove special ablities and stats from a weapon and put them on anorther. that will also be included in both modes. Now in parasite eve 2 you have to not only worry about the range of your weapon but the weight of it, that will affect how fast you can move, aim, shoot and reload that will also be in both modes. I also like the ablity to add on to weapons like new clips that incress the ammo, grende, knife and flamethrower attachments for others, and i love the ammow system, being able to load and use now only differnt weapons but the type of ammo in them affecting how they act. this will also be in both modes. Now RE:4 was the first to shops in the RE line of games, and the ablity to power up your weapons stats which i also like, i myself like to use the handguns so this adds
great fun to beable to incress the power. I also want to add a "custom mode" which will be accessed while in special rooms only. this mode allows you the player to "custom" your weapons, you can change the color, you can cut your barrels shorter or incress the length, you could atemptto modify the gun by "boring" the barrel bigger to load larger ammo and you will also beable to create custom ammo or power up your current ammo by packing them tighter with more powder and so forth. There will be lots of types of enemies, some genetically altered ones, some normal human ones. I was also thinking of adding the super soldiers "golems" from PE:2 to the game. _______________________________________________
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Old 03-26-2008, 10:38 AM
"Peter Lemenkov"
Default "Sanitation"

2008/3/26, Jacob Smith <jacobtherogue@yahoo.com>:

> ok sorry about the lack of info i'm new to this so anyway the name i'm going
> with

We got a winner in "Hardest To Read Message" contest!

With best regards!

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Old 03-26-2008, 12:49 PM
"Tom "spot" Callaway"
Default "Sanitation"

On Wed, 2008-03-26 at 14:38 +0300, Peter Lemenkov wrote:
> 2008/3/26, Jacob Smith <jacobtherogue@yahoo.com>:
> > ok sorry about the lack of info i'm new to this so anyway the name i'm going
> > with
> We got a winner in "Hardest To Read Message" contest!

The message is the game. I played it for hours.


Fedora-games-list mailing list
Old 03-26-2008, 07:44 PM
Gian Paolo Mureddu
Default "Sanitation"

I will have to agree with Peter here... To be sure your message is well
understood (and very important for a collaborative project), you will
have to try and redact better your messages to make it easier on your
peers they understand *exactly* what you mean. It is a courtesy to your
peers and to the project itself so what you have to say is indeed
understood by your targeted audience. Oh! And if you can, please run
your messages through a spell checker! (we all make mistakes while
typing, a spell checker makes sure you type what you want and afterwards
just points out those words you may have misspelled, win-win). Oh, and
it is never too late to learn punctuation!

Now onto the message itself, I like the style you want to give to the
game, but I have to ask: Are you targeting at making the game in the
line of Resident Evil, including the *intentional* "cheesy-ness"?
Without those cheesy elements (sound effects, intentional bad voice
acting, apparent lousy script [see RE1], overdone sudden sounds to
"scare", etc) Resident Evil wouldn't be Resident Evil. The most
difficult part to do, I believe, would be to balance off each
character's weaponry against the enemies they will encounter, and
another very difficult thing to get done right are the puzzle elements
inherent to these type of games (unless you want to make it a more
action-oriented kind of survival horror). A project like this will take
its sweet time to come around, we're talking about many years probably
especially since it would be made out in the open and on people's free
time, so it will take a special type of commitment to see this
through... Just making that clear because more often than not we see
projects being orphaned by their original developers...

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