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Bruno Wolff III 12-11-2010 02:55 PM

glest follow on suggestions?
glest upstream has been dead for a while now and really it should get replaced
by one or both of the related upstreams. There are follow on projects named
megaglest and glest advanced engine. I'd like to do one of these so we
can get some fixes. I don't know the code of glest well enough to do this
on my own with the dead version.
Megaglest seems like a more direct follow on, but the team may be small.
Glest Advanced Engine appears to be bigger (but I could be wrong) but was
a more radical change and when I looked in the past wasn't ready to be played.
It seems like it might be now.

Does anybody here follow upstream in either of these projects and have an
opinion of which would be better to try as a replacement for Fedora? (I
personally don't want to do both.)
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