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Alberto Viana 09-13-2012 08:19 PM

Allow to add a user (userpassword)
How Can allow a normal user from my directory (for example*
uid=my.appuid,ou=test,dc=test,dc=com*) to add an user entry in the tree? (Remebering that I dont want this user as a administrator, I just want that user to be able to add users into a specific subtree in my directory). Is that possible?

ldapmodify -a -c -h 389_ds_host -D "uid=my.appuid,ou=test,dc=test,dc=com" -w - -f test.ldif
adding new entry uid=testando,ou=test,dc=test,dc=com
ldap_add: Insufficient accessldap_add: additional info: Insufficient 'add' privilege to the 'userPassword' attribute

I tried this kind of ACI:

dn: ou=test,dc=test,dc=comchangetype: modifyadd: aciaci: (targetattr="userPassword")(version 3.0;aci "shib writer";allow (add,write,compare) userdn="ldap:///uid=my.appuid,ou=test,dc=test,dc=com";)

aci: (targetattr="*")(version 3.0;aci "shib writer";allow (add,write,compare) userdn="ldap:///uid=my.appuid,ou=test,dc=test,dc=com";)

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