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08-09-2012 08:01 PM

Question about expired/expiring passwords
In our environment, we have users that
authenticate to our LDAP server in a few ways:

* * * * 1)
they log into the server directly using SSH via PuTTY;

* * * * 2)
they log in to our server using FileZilla or WS_FTP using SFTP;

* * * * 3)
they authenticate their account via the LDAP on a Windows server using

In method 1, they are prompted to change
their password if it is expired, or are given the warning about the password
will expire in X days. *How do I have the user get a similar warning/message
when connecting via methods 2 and 3? *We have a lot of users who get
themselves flustered because they think they have the right password, but
because they're never warned or given a message, they think its wrong,
put in a few more passwords, and eventually lock their account out.

Any ideas?


Harry Devine

Common ARTS Software Development


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