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Jon Detert 03-24-2011 03:01 PM

epic failure configuring single-master replication
I'm trying to setup/configure single-master replication between 2
brand-new centos-ds (aka 'dirsrv') v8.1 servers. Centos directory
server is derived from '389 directory server'. I can't find any
community support for it beyond this list. Please pardon the centos
intrusion on your list.

I'm following the directions at

I'm on the last step, which is to tell the supplier (i.e. the 'single
master' in my environment) to replicate itself to the consumer, which,
according to the guide I'm following, had already been prepped for

However, the gui console said "The consumer initialization has
unsuccessfully completed. The error received by the replica is: '6
Replication error acquiring replica: no such replica.' The supplier's
error log (/var/log/dirsrv/slapd-instance/error) said these 2 things
several times:
NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=DivideAndConquer" (mkeds3:389):
Unable to acquire replica: there is no replicated area
"dc=infinityhealthcare,dc=com" on the consumer server. Replication is
NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=DivideAndConquer" (mkeds3:389):
Incremental update failed and requires administrator action

The same log on the consumer (mkeds3), says this:
NSMMReplicationPlugin - conn=12 op=3 replica="unknown": Unable to
acquire replica: error: no such replica

All evidence suggests the consumer doesn't have, but need, a replica
place for my suffix dc=infinity... However, I followed the directions
at ring_Single_Master_Replication-Configuring_the_Read_Only_Replica_on_the_Consumer_ Server
, without error. Is there a missing step I didn't do?


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