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Rich Megginson 10-03-2008 03:23 PM

Windows Sync service - unsupported attribute when syncing
Jonas Courteau wrote:


I've got the Windows Sync service set up to sync with an AD server. For
some unknown reason, several of the groups on the AD server have an
email address and the mail:, the mailNickname: and several
exchange-related attributes set.

How would I go about modifying the schema that the Windows Sync service
is using to create the groups on the DS side of things? I believe
adding the mailrecipient object class should do the trick, but I can't
find any documentation on doing this.

Alternately, if there's a way of just dropping incompatible attributes
when syncing, that would work too. The error I currently get when

Entry "cn=Support,ou=Groups, dc=example, dc=com" -- attribute "mail" not
NSMMReplicationPlugin - add operation of entry cn=Support,ou=Groups,
dc=example, dc=com returned: 65

What are the objectclasses for

cn=Support,ou=Groups, dc=example, dc=com

Windows Sync is not extensible. If you need something extensible, I suggest you investigate Penrose Virtual Directory -

Any suggestions would be helpful!

- Jonas

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