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Rich Megginson 09-11-2008 04:09 PM

Encryption works, but odd entries in the error log on startup.
Ryan Braun [ADS] wrote:

On Thursday 11 September 2008 15:44, Rich Megginson wrote:

So I'm wondering if I need to somehow reinit some of the encryption keys?
Or maybe I missed a step for replacing a Server-Cert? But from the docs
it looks like a straight forward turn off fds, remove old cert,
create/import new cert (with same name), restart fds.

Unfortunately, those keys were encrypted with the old key/cert. But as
long as you don't want to use reversible attribute encryption, you can
ignore those messages.

For the sake of argument and potential future issues ( I don't know enough
about how the whole encryption system works unfortunately ), lets say I did
want to use reversible attribute encryption :)

I think reversible attribute encryption creates some config entries
under the parent database entry in dse.ldif (cn=config) - I think you
just have to remove those entries. Of course, if you do this, and you
have used reversible attribute encryption, your encrypted attribute
values will be lost forever.


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