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David Timms 05-05-2008 12:32 PM

python packaging - icons/desktop files and /usr/bin accessibility
I'm packaging a basic python program, and request some guidance:

1. the app has three main .py programs, and another 10 or so .py
modules. My installed rpm puts these in site-packages/appname which I
understand the guidelines to require. Problem is these are not
accessible as a user because they aren't on the path.

So it works if I /usr/lib/python../site-packages/myapp/

Should I be messing with the path ?
Creating a shell script for each of the main programs, and dropping them
in /usr/bin ?

2. The app is a gui app, but has no icon nor desktop file. I thought I
might have a go at adjusting the gnome flash player icon to represent
flash recording capability. I guess I would need to talk to that
upstream project to see if that would be OK ?
The same with the upstream of my package to see if they are happy to
have there app represented in this way ?

0. Should I be submitting the package review, with queries about the
above, or is it better to get this stuff sorted here first ?


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