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Adam Williamson 08-31-2011 04:35 AM

Oh god, my eyes (packaging a hairball of bundled PHP stuff, tt-rss)
Hey, all. So, I'm looking at packaging tt-rss - an RSS reader
implemented as a PHP webapp - for Fedora, since I run it on my own
server. It became rapidly clear that it's a landmine of bundled PHP
libraries and snippets and uncertain licensing. I'm unsure which of the
things it bundles would be likely to qualify as copylibs, and also a few
of the things it bundles seem to raise wider questions, so I thought I'd
post my 'deps list' here and raise some of the issues:

* dojo/dijit - F/OSS, packaged

* simplepie - F/OSS, packaged

* CheckBoxTree.js - requires formal license, unpackaged - . not entirely sure whether this would count as a copylib.

* htmlpurifier - F/OSS, unpackaged but its PEAR channel is packaged as
php-channel-htmlpurifier, review at

* iui - F/OSS, unpackaged -

* MiniTemplator - F/OSS, unpackaged -

* phpmailer - F/OSS, packaged

* position.js - comprises
and - unlicensed, author
contacted - these are probably copylibs?

* prototypejs - F/OSS, unpackaged, already embedded in many other
packages -

* php-pubsubhubbub - F/OSS, unpackaged: (was , merged into upstream)

* scriptaculous - F/OSS, mostly unpackaged, but part of , which is a python wrapper
with old versions of scriptaculous and prototype embedded in it

* sphinxapi.php - F/OSS, packaged (sphinx-php)

* tmhoauth - F/OSS, unpackaged -

* xsl_mop-up.js - public domain, unpackaged - but link is dead, ref . probably a copylib

So the major issues that come up: prototypejs seems to be embedded into
an awful lot of Fedora packages, if you look at as a reference.
mediatomb has a copy, wordpress has a copy, python-webhelpers has a copy
(actually it seems it's not there any more), python-Scriptaculous has a
copy, asterisk has a copy. Isn't this a major issue? Should I file a bug
for this and try to split prototypejs out into a single package which
all those other packages could depend on, or am I missing something? Has
it been declared a copylib? wordpress review request does not appear to
have dealt with it, stating "* no shared libraries are present: okay" -
I don't know if it was missed, or wasn't present in wordpress at the
time of review. mediatomb review similarly didn't catch it.

python-Scriptaculous seems to be a python (TurboGears) wrapper for
scriptaculous, and it has scriptaculous and prototypejs embedded in it.
the review request doesn't seem to have dealt with this at all, it
simply states "+ no headers or static libraries.", which seems to be,
well, a bit of a porky. =) . should I raise this
as a bug, or again, am I missing something?

If anyone clueful has thoughts on the prototypejs and
python-scriptaculous issues, or on which of the tt-rss deps are likely
copylibs and don't need to be packaged separately, that'd be really
helpful. thanks!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | adamwfedora

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