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Jiri Skala 06-15-2011 07:16 AM

GHC on ppc64 - current status & near future
Dear fans of Haskell and PowerPC,
as was announced earlier Fedora for PowerPC has revived as a secondary
arch. There are available images and repositories for Fedora 15 (ppc,
ppc64) and the PowerPC release is planned for Fedora 16.

GHC was available for ppc already in Fedora 12. Good news is
bootstrapping ghc-7.0.2 for ppc64 in Fedora 15. You can find also a
number of packages of Haskell platform that are built for ppc64

Builds for F16 are not available yet because of waiting for release of
ghc-7.0.4 (RC1 was announced on Jun 03 by upstream). Fedora 16 should
contain ppc64 builds of almost whole Haskell platform. These things will
be announced here.

Why 'almost'?
Unfortunately ppc64 is listed among "Tier 2 platforms" by upstream - see

Especially ppc64 doesn't support GHCi (interactive environment) and NCG
(Native Code Generator) yet. Due to this we wouldn't be able to build
minimal following packages:

- ghc-template-haskel
- ghc-ForSyDe
- ghc-QuickCheck
- ghc-hamlet
- ghc-parameterized-data
- ghc-type-level

I hope the list is probably completed and will not grow up.



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