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Jesse Keating 12-09-2010 05:12 AM

trac-0.12 in rawhide
Trac-0.12 was built in rawhide on Oct 12 (by me). I forgot that all the
plugins need to be rebuilt as well. I've been working on getting
trac-0.12 into EPEL6, along with the plugins. I've built
trac-git-plugin and trac-mercurial-plugin (for both rawhide and epel6).
I plan on doing more tomorrow, but I wouldn't turn down help along the way.

Here is a list of plugins and their owner. Owners will get a nearly
identical message, this one doesn't have cc's due to mailman getting

trac-accountmanager-plugin - mathstuf
trac-bazaar-plugin - toshio
trac-customfieldadmin-plugin - jstanley
trac-doxygen-plugin - sergiopr
trac-monotone-plugin - thm
trac-peerreview-plugin - chitlesh
trac-privateticketsplugin - jstanley
trac-tickettemplate-plugin - jstanley
trac-tracnav-plugin - thm
trac-watchlist-plugin - jstanley
trac-xmlrpc-plugin - sergiopr

For testing I've got setup as an EL6 host
with trac-0.12.1 installed. I plan on copying over some project spaces
from fedorahosted to play with, although some of these plugins look like
things we don't necessarily use, so I could use some help testing them.

Jesse Keating
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