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Adam Williamson 03-25-2010 05:34 PM

F-13 Beta Blocker Meeting 2010-03-26 @ 16:00 UTC (12 PM EDT)
When: Friday, 2010-03-26 @ 16:00 UTC (12 PM EDT)
Where: #fedora-bugzappers on

It's that time again: blocker bug review meeting time! Tomorrow is the
first blocker bug review meeting for Fedora 13 Beta.

Here are the current bugs listed as blocking the Beta release. We'll be
discussing all of these:

574743 NEW anaconda NameError: global name 'request' is not defined
575882 NEW xorg-x11-drv-ati shortly after logging in Displays shutoff
569377 ASSIGNED anaconda CDROM install unable to eject disc - storage: error ejecting cdrom sr0: (5, 'Input/output error')
567346 ASSIGNED gnome-packagekit gpk-update-viewer does not install updates if there is any dependency issue, and does not correctly report this
574587 MODIFIED anaconda Failure to install on Intel Matrix RAID box when raid level 5 is active
576085 MODIFIED anaconda TypeError: format requires a mapping
576628 MODIFIED anaconda AttributeError: 'DMRaidMember' object has no attribute 'partedDisk'
576691 MODIFIED anaconda ValueError: Error parsing "proxy = ''": URL must be http, ftp or https not ""
575855 MODIFIED anaconda Referencing disks by-path in clearpart doesn't work
567576 ON_QA pyparted PartitionException: Could not get flag on inactive partition /dev/sda-1
572215 ON_QA qemu unhandled vm exit: 0x11 - while creating a guest using virt-install

Have an issue you'd like to propose as an F13 release blocker? Please
consider the following criteria when escalating an issue:

The aim for the Release Criteria for F13 is for our criteria to match up
with our 'gut feelings', so if you see an issue that you think should be
a blocker but doesn't meet the criteria, please add it as a blocker and
mention at the meeting that the criteria don't cover it. Thanks!

To promote a bug for consideration as a blocker, simply mark it as
blocking the bug 'F13Beta'. You can also already mark bugs as blocking
the Final release, if appropriate, by using 'F13Blocker'.

Hope to see everyone at the meeting!

For the record, the command used to generate the list of bugs is:

bugzilla query --blocked=538274 --bug_status=NEW,ASSIGNED,NEEDINFO,ON_DEV,MODIFIED,P OST,ON_QA,FAILS_QA,PASSES_QA,REOPENED,VERIFIED,REL EASE_PENDING --outputformat="%{bug_id} %{bug_status} %{component} %{summary}"
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

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