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Ville Skyttä 11-02-2008 08:38 PM

Directory for drop-in config files in rpmlint 0.85-2
rpmlint 0.85-2 has been pushed to F-9 and Rawhide (and will be pushed to F-10
as soon as Bodhi starts accepting F-10 updates). I'd like to point out one
thing about this release:

rpmlint now reads all *config files from /etc/rpmlint as config files. This
means that packages can now drop their own message filters etc there [0] and
rpmlint does no need to be patched or its default config changed as often as

We'll see how this feature ends up being used, but personally I think it would
be best to keep the number of files there small and collect filters etc in
bigger "subsystem" chunks, such as is probably being already created for
mingw32 (probably to be included in the ming32-filesystem package, and all
mingw32-* would benefit).

[0] Usually, drop the *config there, and own the /etc/rpmlint directory unless
your package already depends on rpmlint for some other reason.

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