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Jason L Tibbitts III 11-20-2007 07:02 PM

Summary of the 2007-11-20 Packaging Committee meeting
Meeting minutes and full logs of the packaging committee meeting which
occurred on 2007-11-20 are online:

Executive summary:

No new guidelines this week.

Issues pending FESCO ratification:
* Policy for font packages:
* Accepted (with changes) (5-0)
* Voting for: spot rdieter abadger1999 scop tibbs
* Abstaining: racor
* Some notes:
* There are components of the proposal which go beyond packaging
policy and are not considered by FPC. This includes the
CompsPolicy document and sections of the draft relating to
grouping or comps. These should be discussed by FESCo.
was approved as part of this proposal with the caveat that the
scriptlets be prevented from failing.

Misc business:
* Three volunteers expressed interest in joining the committee; spot
will poll the membership and we'll decide whether to expand the
committee or rotate through some members on-list.
* Next meeting will be December 4th at 17:00UTC.

- J<

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