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Stanislav Ochotnicky 02-10-2011 12:35 PM

Maven 3 script changes
I just built a new maven 3 package. It provides one more script called

mvn-rpmbuild should be used in spec files. It does same magic as
previously mvn-local (and mvn-jpp) did. I runs maven in offline mode and
therefore will not download artifacts under any circumstances, but it
will use those available in /usr/share/java. You also don't have to set
maven.repo.local variable, it is set automatically to $(pwd)/.m2. This
should save you a few keystrokes when writing spec files.

mvn-local on the other hand changed so that it WILL download artifacts
from remote repositories if they are not available locally. This is a
change compared to previous maven 3 packages. Please don't use mvn-local
in spec files. Nothing bad will happen, but it won't work anymore :-)
mvn-local uses $HOME/.m2 for artifacts so it should not conflict with
upstream maven too much if used together.

Another change is "maven.jpp" prefix change to "maven.local" for
properties. This means that -Dmaven.jpp.depmap.file=XXX will have to be
changed if you've been using it. Other than that I don't expect any
changes should be necessary.

FYI, maven 3 can now rebuild itself so expect proposal to change
guidelines so that we'll start using maven 3 to build packages unless
it's not compatible.

Happy java packaging :-)

Stanislav Ochotnicky <>
Associate Software Engineer - Base Operating Systems Brno

PGP: 7B087241
Red Hat Inc.

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