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"Jˇhann B. Gu­mundsson" 03-07-2012 03:40 PM

Usb wireless keyboard and Gnome

Yesterday I did an an F15 to an F16 upgrade via preupgrade for a media
center for a friend of mine and came across an interesting bug.

The upgrade process went with out an hitch except for the wireless
keyboard no longer worked for the relevant user account after the upgrade.

I confirmed that the usb wireless keyboard worked just fine in grub and
gdm and for new user account but as soon as I logged in using the old
account it stopped working.

Deleting the .config directory seemed to fix this but I'm unsure to what
I should be filing against.

I should mention that not having the option to reboot was a real pita in
this case so the initial design decision to remove reboot/shutdown
clearly did not take into the account users that might suddenly find
themselves without an working keyboard in Gnome.

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