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Nelson Strother 07-22-2010 03:36 AM

how to disable the Hibernate and Suspend buttons in F13 ?
In the presence of long-lasting bugs such as:

for some systems with some application loads it would be prudent to
reduce the risk of memory corruption leading to file corruption
(leading to re-install or restoration from backups) by disabling the
Hibernate and Suspend buttons in e.g. Gnome. For older versions
of Fedora, one can find clues for this in e.g.: id=170&artlang=en

These directions are not directly applicable to F13 (i.e. the checkboxen
for can_hibernate and can_suspend no longer appear within the general
group for apps, gnome-power-manager within gconf-editor. The most
tempting nearby possibility within:

Applications, System Tools, Configuration Editor

is the apps, gnome-power-manager, buttons group. But changing most of
these values to "nothing" changes neither the visibility of said
command buttons nor changes the behavior when one is selected. I.e.
Suspend or Hibernate will still cause filesystem corruption on
some systems.

Configuration Editor 2.30.0

Is there some other user-accessible configuration to prevent Suspend and
Hibernate from being selected? How about for users of non-Gnome
desktops? Bugzilla time?

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