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Martin Sourada 09-08-2012 06:54 PM

F18 Wallpaper -- Feedback
Hi all,

you might have noticed -- F18 wallpaper was finally set as default (in
F18) so I made a blog post [1] and already have a rather good feedback.

To summarize for those who do not want to go through all the comments:
* Best fedora wallpaper since at least the Solar one (I'm inclined to
think so too ;-) ).
* A little bug in the bottom right corner -- "darker vertical overlay
117px wide at the right side of the wide wallpaper".
* There is (at least) one person interested in tutorial/pointers on how
to make such wallpaper -- is there anyone who'd like to write it?

I'll continue to monitor the comments and post a summary in this thread
again if anything new appears. :)


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