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Sarah White 05-15-2012 11:24 PM

Beefy Miracle button drafts
All you awesome Fedora designers,

Mo, Ian - please let me know if I've massacred the Beefy Miracle or if
you don't want me stealing your sayings for the edge text.

I've done two drafts (one with a white background, one with a green)
of a 1.5 inch button (using the template) of a Beefy
Miracle button. The text 'Beefy Miracle' is supposed to look like
mustard - but I can't even remember how to write in cursive so I
tinkered with a script font. I think I need to drop a shadow onto the
relish fading into the horizon and reduce the line thickness a bit
more on the relish pieces in the back. Let me know what else you think
should be modified/deleted/added. The NA ambassadors will be reviewing
the two drafts tonight (Tuesday) so some things may get changed in
response to their feedback as well. The text around the button's
circumference will be printed on the sides of the button, not on it's

The drafts are attached to this ticket:


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