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Martin Sourada 12-28-2011 11:12 AM

Fedora 17 Wallpaper - Concept Submission Period Closed
Hi all,

yesterday (2011-12-27) was the deadline for concept submissions and now
we have entered the colorization phase. Deadline is 2012-1-17. Vote for
your favourite concept with work! I have updated the concept
submissions page [1] with all the submissions on artboard that I've
found. If I made a mistake anywhere feel free to correct it.

The colorization process

Select a favourite concept(s) you want to support on wiki [1] a start
working towards making a wallpaper out of it - i.e. add colour, start
thinking big (the wallpaper will be on screens up to FullHD resolution
on wide screens and 2048x1536 on 4:3 screens) and collaborate with
others (ask for opinions, give opinions, combine your works,
don't forget to provide source for your work,...). Post your work on
artboard [2]. Don't forget to add tags f17, wallpaper and
@concept-name@ (e.g. monabeefa, boy-scout or fireworks). When you think
you're done, submit it to wiki [1].


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