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Martin Sourada 11-23-2011 10:04 AM

F17 Artwork -- Schedule, Management, etc.
Hi all,

we're running short of time and no-one seems to be actually doing
anything so I went ahead and nominated myself for the F17 artwork
management ;-). I prepared the needed wiki infrastructure [1], postponed
supplemental wallpapers for f18 (but opened the submission period
already), and drafted a schedule [2].

Interested artists and other people:
please review the schedule and send me your comments. Unless there are
serious issues with it, I'll remove the draft message next Monday
(2011/11/28). If there are any suggestions to the infrastructure,
please let me hear them. Also, as we're running short of time, if you
are interested in participating in creating Beefy Miracle artwork,
start submitting your concepts, sketches, etc. ASAP.

If you want to communicate your ideas with a couple of people in
real-time, you can use #fedora-design channel on The
chat there is informal, but you can usually catch some of the fedora
design team people idling there. For more general discussions, please
use this mailing list directly or suggest a formal (logged) irc meeting.

As for the form of your concept submissions:
* start working on the concept on the artboard [3], please think about
a name for the concept and tag it with (at least) two tags: 'f17' and
'concept-name' (where concept-name stands for the actual name of the
concept). It's to easily find, comment and share the work.
* Once you think you have a representative image for the concept,
please upload it to the wiki submission page [4]. Add there the name
of the concept, description of the concept (basic idea behind the
concept) and link to the artboard tag containing the other images.
This is for easily identifying concepts that are 'competing' for the
F17 artwork.

You have less than month for the initial brainstorming and sketching
phase, so please hurry up!

Also, it would really help if some people could advertise -- blog
posting, messsages on social networks, whatever; to get as much
attention from interested artists as possible.

Also, bear in mind that even if the starting phase might look like one,
this is not a competition, it's cooperation, so please don't bear
grudges, etc. if your concept isn't selected and help with the selected
one instead. :-)

Also, since I have rather too little spare time, if anyone would
volunteer to co-manage, it would really help. The work is basically
keeping the wiki pages up to date, reminding people of deadlines (so
that they know how much time they still have), and packaging the
wallpapers when the images are prepared.

Thank you for your attention,
Martin Sourada

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