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Máirín Duffy 01-04-2011 07:03 PM

Your Fedora wallpaper submission
Hi Ivan!

Thanks for your submission to the Fedora 15 supplemental wallpapers
project [1]!

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the submission because it includes the
Fedora trademark (the usage of which incidentally doesn't follow the
Fedora logo usage guidelines [2]). We have a rule on the page that the
supplemental wallpapers should not contain brand names or trademarks.
The Fedora logo is a trademark so it can't be distributed under a free
license - including it in a wallpaper would impact the licensing of the
entire supplemental wallpapers package. We want to make sure our
supplemental wallpapers package is unencumbered, freely-licensed, and
freely distributable which is why the rule is in place.

Anyhow, I am sorry for this bad news. I hope you can understand the
reasons for the restriction, and I hope that you'll be willing to submit
something else to our pool of wallpapers.



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Máirín Duffy 01-04-2011 07:36 PM

Your Fedora wallpaper submission
Hi Ivan!

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 20:27 +0000, Ivan ??uki?? wrote:
> I don't mind. Just thought to submit it since I've got a couple of
> Fedora users asking for Fedora-branded version of Stripes (I've made
> it for least 10 different distros so far). Completely forgot about the
> fact that the logos and names in the Libre world are not as free as
> one would hope them to be.

Yeh, unfortunately trademark law is really rough and it's hard for a lot
of FLOSS projects to open their trademarks without also opening
themselves to abuse. :(

> I have one question though, does that mean that posting this on a site
> like kde-look would be a breach of some sorts?

I think as long as you correct the logo usage issue, it shouldn't be a
problem at all. The issue that concerns me about the wallpaper as
currently design is that there is a missing bubble that is supposed to
encapsulate the Fedora logomark's f and infinity symbol. I think the
stripe effect would be okay if applied to the full logomark.

If you're up for it and can work that bubble back into the logo so it
meets the logo usage guidelines, send the design to for official approval.


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