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Robyn Bergeron 04-11-2013 05:59 PM

Reminder: Fedora Board IRC Meeting, TODAY, Thurs. April 11th - 18:00 UTC
On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Robyn Bergeron <> wrote:

Howdy all,
A quick reminder that there is a Board IRC meeting today. I'm consolidating some of the thoughts on format/agenda, so stay tuned - but figured I'd get this reminder out. We'll generally be on the User Base topic again though.

What: Fedora Board Meeting (IRC)

Where:**- #fedora-meeting-1

When: 18:00 UTC (2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, 7pm London/BST, 8pm Paris/Brno/CEST)

Please note that we are surrounded on each side of the meeting by Go/No-Go and Release Readiness meetings for F19 Alpha, in the same channel, so we'll need to keep it on time, and possibly be flexible if the Go/No-go runs over.

Agenda soonish!


In the interest of getting things done today:
* Will take a half-way approach - going to not split off into separate channels, but will enforce meeting protocol for non-board folks today to some degree. Meeting protocol can be seen here; mostly hoping to make use of ? and ! to have a bit more order.*

* Would like to end meeting with some concrete lists on the following items, to be documented on the wiki (location TBD) as part of our thinking process.
** What are the problems we would try to solve by changing our user base, and why do we think they are problems?

** What do we think our existing user base looks like, or attracts them to fedora?**Getting agreement on what's wrong (or what's right) *and how things look *now* is fairly important to have any common ground when it comes to finding solutions, so I'd like to start here.

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